The Maine Department of Transportation has an online “preliminary public meeting” regarding replacing the “Lower Village Bridge” — the one that crosses the stream just before the Grange Hall. This “meeting” is actually a web page where anyone can leave comments, ask questions, and view the proposed replacement timeline.

According to the webpage, “The Preliminary Scope of Work for this project consists of a full replacement of the Lower Village Bridge. The existing bridge was built in 1927 and consists of a concrete slab on abutments. The roadway on the existing bridge consists of two 10′ lanes with no shoulders. The proposed new bridge will be wider and have two 11′ travel lanes and two 3′ shoulders. The type of structure and maintenance of traffic during construction are still being determined.”

Construction on the replacement bridge is tentatively set to begin in spring 2024. For information on how to access this webpage, email or call me and I will send you the link. Or find it on the Town of Freedom Facebook page.

The Charter Commission has finished its draft charter and will solicit advice from the Select Board at our Feb. 7 meeting. Public comment will follow at a time to be announced. We hoped to have the charter done in time for the March annual town meeting, but we did not want to rush the project at the expense of doing a considerate job. I am very excited at what we have done so far.

Remember the election of town officers is March 10, and the annual town meeting is March 11.