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  • Published
    June 11, 2011


    I clearly remember how all this storytelling started. I got a call from a newspaper editor and friend of mine by the name of Beth Staples, who reminded me that an old Game Warden friend of mine by the name of John Ford was abusing me in his columns. Would I like to respond, Beth asked, or did I have any funny little incidents that I could recall involving him that I would be willing to share with readers? I …

  • Published
    May 10, 2011

    The Nissen bread man

    As I get closer to the end of my career of column writing as well, I have to tell this story. I became friends with a woman in Troy in the early 80s and our friendship continues to this day, even though she has moved away and is an international flight attendant for a commercial airline. When this particular incident took place and Karen Wales told me her side of the story, all I could do was laugh out loud …

  • Published
    March 17, 2011


    This story reminds me of how much things have changed since the 1980s in state government. When I joined the Maine State Police in 1977, troopers worked six days a week and were on duty 24 hours a day. We had to put in a minimum of 10 hours per day “on the road.” All the other duties, including cleaning cruisers, polishing gear and doing paperwork, had to be done outside of that 10 hours. We either had to be …

  • Published
    February 23, 2011

    ‘You’ll need a higher bridge’

    Years ago when I patrolled the Northern Woods, I dealt with one particular person almost daily. No matter how much I did for him, he never seemed to heed advice about dealing with life and positively contributing to society.He was rather easy to catch when he was up to his dastardly deeds. He never seemed to try to hide what he was doing. He always fessed up.His various crimes included underage drinking, possessio…

  • Published
    February 3, 2010

    Real Life Stories from a Maine State Trooper: My Canadian trip

    How times have changed. Recently I was notified that a trooper who patrols Down East got in trouble for chasing a  driver suspected of operating under the influence from Maine into Canada. A friend told me a story in the Bangor Daily News detailed the facts of the case. Reading it reminded me of a trip I had made many years ago to our friendly neighbor to the north.One day, I got a call from our then-colonel. It …

  • Published
    January 13, 2010

    Real Life Stories of a Maine State Trooper: Scurrying rats

    It was a nice, warm, summer evening when I got a call from a law enforcement friend who asked to ride along with me for the night. I enjoyed ride-alongs. They were company, an extra set of eyes and ears, and made the night go by much quicker. The department encouraged ride-alongs for people interested in being troopers; It provided them with firsthand knowledge of what it was like in the real world. The only …

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