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  • Published
    June 6, 2021

    Unity news We were successful at capturing two of the five kittens that took up residency on my porch. The two “fluffernutters” are now living their best life at Hidden Valley Camp in Montville. The three black kittens evaded capture and their mother was so mad she took them away. We’ve been looking for them; the mother finally came back after two days looking to be fed. Wish me luck so they, too, can be …

  • Published
    May 27, 2021

    Unity news I call them “riff-raff,” cats that show up on my porch uninvited and take up residence. I don’t give them names other than descriptive terms like “Tiger,” or “Blackie” or “Gray Kitty.” But I have named the female tiger, “Slinky”; she slinks away and growls at me when I put out food for her. She brought me five babies, three short hair all black and two fluffy tigers. We’re making friends with …

  • Published
    May 16, 2021

    Unity news Well my eyes have been watering and I’ve been sneezing constantly since 3 p.m. today; I knew I spent too much time outside in the tree pollen. When my red car starts turning yellow it’s time for me to stay out of the great outdoors. Maine TradeHers Market on the Albion Road is now carrying Little Darling’s Dairy milk and butter. I think the last time I had non-store-bought milk was when I was in …

  • Published
    May 8, 2021

    Unity news My husband was wicked excited when he saw a bag of fiddleheads in the refrigerator. He loves them, and I do not. I have memories of going out with my mother to pick them and getting chewed up by blackflies. It wasn’t exactly a “secret spot”; however, I will not divulge the location. I buy them pre-picked now; it’s worth the cost for my sanity. I sometimes find myself looking at realty for the …

  • Published
    April 30, 2021

    Unity news I always set aside a block of hours on the first Saturday in May to watch the Kentucky Derby; anyone that knows me is aware of my affection for horses. My pick for the 147th “Run for the Roses” is Hot Rod Charlie owned by Roadrunner Racing. Why? Because my dad, Charlie, loves hot rods and he owned a couple of Plymouth Roadrunners. How can I go wrong? I stopped by Pond and Fowler cemeteries this …

  • Published
    April 25, 2021

    Unity news I observed some never-seen-before action at one of my bird feeders this morning. I have one of those flat-type feeders that I put black oil sunflower seed on. A male cardinal was perched on one side; a white-breasted nuthatch was perched on the other side. The nuthatch, in his attempt to drive the cardinal away, spread his wings wide open and rocked back and forth side to side. His intimidation …

  • Published
    April 16, 2021

    Unity news I’m excited that by the time you get this I will have had my first COVID vaccination. Thanks to Savage Pharmacies (Unity Pharmacy) and Unity Fire Department, my husband and I can get our shots close to home and at convenient times. I just have to remember to tell them to do it in the right arm as opposed to the left; I sleep on my left side. Lots of construction is happening in town right now. …

  • Published
    April 9, 2021

    Unity news Sweet sounds of spring! The peepers and wood frogs have announced that spring has arrived. My friend Holly calls peepers “Nee Neeps.” My daffodils are almost in bloom and the tulips are up a couple of inches. I’ve started my spring cleaning, although I’m lacking some motivation in taking down and washing the curtains. Many thanks to the Unity Fire Department for making Easter morning happy and …

  • Published
    April 3, 2021

    Unity news A couple of years ago at the annual town meeting, I made a comment about “magical unicorn money” and it has become a longstanding inside joke between myself and the Fire Department. I have received unicorn Christmas ornaments from Fire Department members and in return have gifted them with unicorn marshmallow hot chocolate and unicorn pudding. This year I donned a unicorn tiara for town meeting. …

  • Published
    March 26, 2021

    Unity news Back in the early 80’s it seemed like all my girlfriends had horses. I had a black and white tobiano pinto named “Frosty.” My friend Liza Cheeseman had a bay Morgan named “Snippet.” Pam Reynolds had a palomino quarter horse, “Coby.” The Darling girls, Crystal and Cathy, had “Robert” and “Scimi” and a dapple gray Shetland pony named “Smoky.” Cheryl Zimba had a sorrel Apaloosa named “Wacky” (short …

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