Ron Bancroft

The good news is that the Camden Conference is back in person. The Opera House has come alive after going dark for two years in the COVID Era, It was quite wonderful to see old friends and to catch the energy in the air again from yet another global challenge, namely, Global Trade and Politics: Managing Turbulence. One might be daunted by such a topic, but once again the Conference’s able and hardworking Program Committee, chaired by Charlotte Singleton, was up to task, bringing together as fine a group of panelists as I have seen in many years of Conference attendance. Such brilliance was needed to illuminate what is a dense and difficult thicket of issues.

It took some work to tease out a central message in such a sprawling set of issues and the several different perspectives represented in the panel, largely drawn from distinguished PhD economists and lawyers. In the quest for clarity and understanding, we were greatly assisted by our moderator, David Brancaccio, host of Marketplace on Public Radio.

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