Waldo County deeds

Jul 02, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between June 15 and June 28.


Kathleen M. Ferland to Scott O'Brien and Joanne O'Brien.

Cynthia A. Aho to Hannah M. Harding-Cumler and Joshua M. Culmer-Bowie.

Paul William & Carryl Ann Krohne Family Trust to Janet Pelling.

Arthur B. Tracy, Rebecca E. Stoexz and Rebecca E. Tracy to James M. Blair II and Brenna C. Chase.

Christopher C. Day Estate to Misty L. Day.

Guy A. Hamlin, Vicki E. Hosford and Vicki E. Hamlin to Terry Ann Halbert and William S. Coleman.

Patricia B. Raynard and William D. Raynard to Terry Ann Halbert and William S. Coleman.

Robert Gibbs to Kyle R. Gibbs.

Belfast City Properties LLC to Melody Russell.

Gail Kiesler and Beverley A. Blythe Revocable Trust to Judson C. Colby.

Paul E. Foster and Sally M. Foster to Esther A. Darres and Maurice W. Darres.

Irene S. Rich Estate to Janet Thompson, Judy Walter and Jennifer Shugars.

Maine State Housing Authority, Phoebe Caitlin Sauce and Kenneth M. Morrill to Bonin Masonry Inc.

Eric B. Kelley to Amy M. Dyer and Amy M. Dyer Kelley.

Waldo County Preschool & Family Services Inc. and Broadreach Family & Commnunity Services to G & K Holdings LLC.

John Boynton and Rosie Boynton to Timothy R. Kimball and Diana L. Kimball.

Mildred L. Colby and Russell F. Colby Jr. to Christopher C. Colby and Diane-Marie S. Colby.

Kendra L. Littlefield and Joseph C. Littlefield to Leo R. Coronado and Mickey J. McDevitt.

Linda L. Smith to Derek Eugene Smith.

Ocean East LLC to Jo Ann Nivolo and Joseph J. Nivolo.


Roger Alan Ryan to Linda Faye Ryan.

John G. Boynton and Rosie K. Boynton to Kristi Moulton and Scott R. Jackson.

Shirley F. Bean to Davide W. Tobery and Dale Lyne Tobery.


Mary S. Hodgkins and Mark A. Hodgkins to Mark A. Hodgkins, Mary S. Hodgkins, Lennie C. Hodgkins and Bradford A. Hodgkins.

Ernest F. Soucy and Setsuko I. Soucy to Setsuko I. Soucy.

Glenn C. Gallant and Diane T. Gallant to Joseph T. McGill.


Samanth Alice Marie King and Roger A. Ryan Jr. to Joseph F. Campbell Jr.

Kristie L. Black to Brianna Velez and Mark Velez.


Deidre D. Goodman and Tom A. Goodman to Lisa Shafer.

Warren E. Richardson and Jann R. Richardson to Denise Tripp and Gerald Tripp.

Walter E. Rollerson to Joanna W. Owen Revocable Trust Agreement.


Alexander P. Gilbert and Kathryn M. Gilbert to 278 East Shore Drive Nominiee Trust and Two Seventy Eight East Shore Drive Nominiee Trust.

Judith L. Leach to Natasha S. N. Stevens and Thomas K. Stevens.

Anita G. Herrick Qualified Personal Residence Trust to J. Nicholas J. Kearns and Jessica G. Goldblatt.

J. Nicholas Kearns and Jessica G. Goldblatt to Victoria Givotovsky and Sergei Givotovsky.

Robert Austin Achorn and Linda Lee Achorn to Jessica R. Oldham and John A. Oldham.

Carol Johnston, Kathryn Johnston, Barbara Johnston and Kenneth Johnston to John S. Kauer.


Madeleine A. Cameron and Fred J. Cameron Sr. to John D. Work Living Trustand Jennifer E. Woprk Living Trust.


Town of Knox to Paul Philbrick.

Paul Philbrick to Paul Philbrick and Michelle Philbrick.


Paul Prado to Marilyn J. Belanger.

William J. Burns to James D. Caldwell and Andrea H. Caldwell.

Shelly A. Thibodeau, Rebecca M. Thibodeau and Shelley A. Thibodeau to Lisa D. Justice and Drich Justice.

Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Inc. and US Bank National Association Trust

Gerald D. Stillman and Dorothy G. Stillman to Stac LLC.

Marilyn Belenger to David Bruce Ray and Lorelei Ann Ray.

Town of Liberty to Wilfred Letourneau.

Town of Liberty to Brenda Billings.


Drew Milliken and Julia Milliken to Allan Kayser and Karen Kayser.

Hannah A. Lott and James H. Lott Jr. to Samantha A. Raposa.

Robert Charkowick, Robin Charkowick and Robbin Charkowick to Amanda Ross and Jacob Ross.

Christopher Michael to Mary B. Eddy and Brian W. Beggarly.

Raymond Wallace Watson III Estate to Gerald A. Bernier and Jane Bernier.

Virginia L. Ciraldo to Shelley D. Smith.


Alison B. Rector and Eric H. Rector to Color & Flavor Trust.

John B. Messer Living Trust to Dennis J. Porter.


Rosemarie M. Dews Estate to Margaret A. Stidham and Lucinda M. Wathen.


Nancy T. Hannington and Nancy T. Hanson to Dennis Fuller and Claire Fuller.

David J. Simmons and Kathleen M. Simmons to Christopher Simmons and Shelley Simmons.


Frederick Barton to Charles Gerry.

Hulda Hodgdon, Carolyn Tibbetts, Meichelle Christian to Charles Gerry.

William Paige, Paul Paige, John Paige and Mike Paige to Charles Gerry.

Deane P. Wood and Charles Gerry to Cadillac Mountain Realty Trust.

Kyle Young and Mara Gallagher to Kyle Young.

Town of Northport to Barbara Arocho and Steven Arocho.

Anchorage Realty Inc. to Knowlton Hill LLC.

Anchorage Realty Inc. to SGM Holdings LLC.

Anchorage Realty Inc. to SGM Holdings LLC.

Anchorage Realty Inc. to SGM Holdings LLC.

Anchorage Realty Inc. to SGM Holdings LLC.

Anchorage Realty Inc. to Knowlton Hill LLC.


Betty J. Fimbel and Carl E. Fimbel to Fimbrel Family Revocable Trust of 2017.

SDC Tingley Legacy Revocable Trust to Patrick Richardson.

Susan Frost to Patrick Richardson.

Frances Gingrow Newman and Jeffrey Charles Newman to Jacob P. McKenney and Crystal A. McKenney.


Jennifer S. Brown to Celeste Cox.

Karen L. Tweedly to Tweedly Revocable Family Trust – 2018.


Bruce M. Staples to Taylor Light Surek.

JL Robbins Trust to Janice I. Spencer and Robert C. Spencer.

Ernestine Montilio and Marie A. Luck 2017 Family Trust to Laurie M. Lee and Terry F. Lee.

Laura S. MacKay and Melville G. MacKay to Laura S. MacKay.


Bryan A. Young to Bryan A. Young and Arielle Hornbrook.

Michael A. Sylvester to Peter L. Sylvester.

Summer Rose Ashey to Sarah Flagg.

William A. Sipple and Patricia F. Houllhan-Sipple to Karl F. Redding and Colleen M. Redding.

Jerrold C. Wood and Diantha Wood to D & C Properties LLC.

Anne M. Sattler, Jonathan Isacco and Anne Marie Isacco to Elizabeth Chantal Ackerman.

Kelly C. Overman to Kelly C. Overman Revocable Trust.

Broughman Builders Inc. to Amy Larochelle and Matthew Larochelle.

Stockton Springs

Diane A. Charney Living Trust to Farm At Frenchs Point LLC.

Gail Gannon to Gail D. Gannon Revocable Living Trust.


Laurence H. Redmond to Nicholas Francis Maseychik.

Alison B. Rector and Eric H. Rector to Color & Flavor Trust.

Leigh E. Dorsey and John M. White to John M. White.

Tracy Tufo and Mark Tufo to John Clarke Butler and Jenifer L. Butler.


Greg McMorrow to Bryan Darling and Casey McMorrow Darling.


Janette M. Hayes, Janette M. Robinson and Janette Hayes to Robert Riversong.

Mark G. Kahler and Kathleen C. Kahler to Sara J. Wilson and Nathan J. Wilson.

Mark W. Ogden to Lari Turner and Sally Turner.

Allyson J. Korsiak and Randolph H. Korsiak to LMS Real Estate Trust.


Alton D. French and Michael C. French to Zachary H. Babin, Mark D. Babin and Donyse H. Babin.

Kevin B. Petrak to Kevin Thompson and Lisa A. Thompson.

Michele Zurko-Smith and Donald F. Smith to Sara Kohler and John Korkos.

Nicole K. Giggey to Hailey J. Giggey.


Delmar R. Curtis to Kathleen T. Wolf.


Robert C. Yarrison to N A Peet LLC.

Kathy M. George and Kathy M. Hopkins to FHCR Properties LLC.

Richard A. Day Estate to Frances D. Day.

Frances D. Day to Patrick E. Murphy and Betsy C. Murphy.

Terry F. McCann, Timothy M. McCann, Lisa L. Jordan, Lori A. Goodine, Diane M. Anderson, Thomas A. McCann III HRS, Thomas A. McCann IV to Gladys G. McCann Estate.

Gladys G. McCann Estate to Thomas A. McCAnn IV and Timothy M. McCann.

Barbara J. Norris to Kristie L. Black.

Francis A. Drummond and Eleanor Groden to Mandy H. Olver and William M. Olver.

Crystal D. Tropeano to Lance T. Huntley and Kimberly J. Thomas.

Steven E. Knapp to Bobbie Lee Hobbs.

William E. Naquin to Chris Pepin Properties LLC.

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