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By Jamie Fitzjurls | Jan 11, 2019


I have some things that are a little late but thought should be mentioned. First, Jill and I congratulate Alex Liebster and his partner Lauren on their new baby girl. Also we would like to thank all who have dropped off cookies and things during this past holiday season.

If you stopped in the office in the last few weeks, you might have noticed we were using the back door instead of the side door. The side door is our usual entrance, but a rather large and very stubborn ice block had formed in front of it. This made a walking hazard for us and our customers. The ice block I am happy to report has been removed. A genuine thank you to Sandy Reynolds and his prying bar.

Speaking of ice, it seems a number of people mentioned the new sand pile freezing up. The problem has been addressed and fixed.

I would like to ask that if there are any future complaints for any town issues that they not be posted on our Facebook site. This is not the proper channel for resolving problems. Please call us or stop in. A written complaint letter addressed to the selectmen is preferred. Jill and I are always happy to help, but some things are really not up to us.

If you have nomination papers out or would like to take some out for either selectman or road commissioner, they are due back Jan. 29 by close of business. The election for these two open positions will be held March 29. Our annual town meeting will be held March 30 at 9 a.m. in the Fire Station where the winners will be announced.

Our annual budget meeting will be held Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. in the Town Office. At this meeting the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen discuss town finances. We also go over old and new warrant articles to edit for the upcoming Town Report. All articles are voted on at the annual town meeting.

Local knitters Kathy Anderson and Linda Gamble have donated hand-knitted hats and mittens, free for the taking at the Town Office. These are good quality and warm!

Coffee time takes place every Wednesday from 1 to 2 p.m., weather permitting, and all are welcomed. Other than that there are no upcoming events at the Community Center.

If anyone is looking for heating assistance, there are some really great programs available. Prospect has its own program called Community Concerns. For more information, give Barbara Tilley a call at 567-3267.

WCAP has the HEAP program to help with home heating costs; call 800-498-3025. WCAP also has Energy Crisis Intervention, which is for emergency assistance at the same number.

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