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By Tom Seymour | Apr 05, 2019



My apologies for not having a town column in last week’s paper. I’ve been plagued by a malfunctioning computer as of late and despite trips to the shop and even to my publisher’s (she is a computer whiz) place in Topsham, no one was able to address the problems.

So last Friday when I wrote my town column and the computer immediately lost it, my patience ran out. My computer-literate friend met me in Rockland and helped me find another computer at the Staples store. This one functions properly and, hopefully, will continue to.

Town meeting

A write-up of this year’s Waldo Annual Town Meeting ran in last week’s paper, but I will mention, for those who missed it, that recyclable pickup will, beginning in May, occur on the last Tuesday of each month. Also now, it’s OK to combine recyclables.

Bad roads

The emergency grading on town dirt roads kept roads open, but not much more. Potholes, sinkholes and more await drivers on our dirt roads. It was a harsh winter and frost went deeper than it usually does, creating countless problems for our already-stressed roads.

East Waldo Road is so bad that while I need a new glass door delivered, I have decided to wait because bouncing on this terrible road might break the glass. It’s also bad for those of us with bad backs. We go to the chiropractor and get put back together, only to have our back go out of adjustment again after the bumpy return trip home.

Were it up to me, I would borrow from Dante’s “The Inferno,” and post dirt roads with the following warning: “Abandon hope all who enter here.” Enough said.

Perchin’ prediction

April 1 saw me and fishing buddy Tony Wieman casting far and wide for streams to fish. Posting and development in Waldo County have pretty much done away with the wonderful stream and brook fishing many of us have enjoyed in the past.

So we headed south. And while posting wasn’t as prominent, nearly every road crossing had a new house next to it. The places we managed to fish were mostly raging torrents, the result of spring runoff.

Our trip was a bust as far as trout were concerned, but still we two old codgers congratulated ourselves that we were able to put yet another opening day under our belts. Now we’re planning where to go next year. Perhaps we’ll head east this time.

Under the feeder

Although you couldn’t tell by stepping outside, spring has arrived, and with it, some new critters. Specifically, I saw a woodchuck along East Waldo Road. Also, skunks are out and about at night, as attested to by the frequent bouts of skunk “perfume” wafting on the gentle evening breezes.

Turkey vultures have come back in numbers, as have grackles and starlings. Also robins are back and it’s good to see them hopping and scratching in last year’s lawn thatch.

Weekly quote

“April weather, rain and sunshine both together.” — Old English saying






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