Pre-election choices

By Jan Dolcater | May 30, 2019

Although we are 18 months away from the next general election, there have been many new ideas and philosophies proposed. Let us compare them with the results of the Trump administration to date for you to determine which appeals to you.

First, let's examine the proposed “Green New Deal,” which would do away with air travel, due to no more fossil fuel, a complete renovation of all private, public and business structures to meet the proposed new energy standards within the next 12 years, and the elimination of all cattle because of their flatulence, Next, Medicare for all, which I believe will provide poorer health care due to long wait times for many procedures to be accomplished. Then, we have free college tuition for all. Freedom checks of $1,000 for all individuals 18 and over every month, whether the individual is employed or not.

Let us not forget having the voting age lowered to allow “knowledgeable 16-year-olds” to participate, the elimination of the Electoral College, which will make it possible for the large populated states to control all national elections. Not to be overlooked will be the proposed changes of abortion laws to permit abortion procedures to proceed all the way through the third trimester. I almost forgot the important change of packing the Supreme Court to have 15 justices (all liberal, of course) to provide for a more “just” system.

Gee whiz, I am out of breath trying to cram all of these uplifting, practical and affordable proposals into perspective. How about you, which of these do you like the best, or do all of them sound good to you? I am very curious if you have any realistic ideas how to pay for any or all of the above? Remember, more is not necessarily better.

By contrast, let us take a look at various elements from a different point of view. In the last six years of the Obama/Biden administration the GDP averaged 1.5 percent, which was very anemic. In Trump’s first year, the GDP rose to 2.5 percent, and then in 2018 it rose again to 3.2 percent, and it has remained at that level in the first quarter of 2019 as well. For those who may not understand, GDP is the quantitative measure of the total monetary value of goods and services produced in the nation.

Bear in mind that with the economy rolling with this momentum that unemployment has declined from Obama/Biden's last year of 4.8 percent to 3.4 percent today. Also today there are approximately 1 million more job openings available than individuals looking for work. This unemployment number also has produced the lowest levels of unemployment for black, for Asians, and for women in the workplace. All of this good news comes with inflation in check. Wages are now increasing at the rate of 2.3 percent per month. Please do not forget the results of the stale Obama/Biden economy, “the new normal” had more than 50,000,000 people on food stamps.

A major change from the Obama/Biden administration is regulations. Their administration frustrated our economy with more regulations than any prior one. In comparison, Trump has not only eliminated many unneeded regulations, but now the current policy is for every new one put into effect two old ones must be eliminated. Thanks to this approach, now our country is energy independent for the first time in many, many years.

Our past "leadership" of Obama/ Biden permitted Iran to get $150 billion in the dreadfully flawed Iran nuclear deal. Our current administration does not waver when confronted by Iran. We now have leadership from the president that has pushed lagging members of NATO to come up with more than $100 million that was not done in previous years to help to properly fund this organization. Another point to remember is the appraisal of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates under Obama, who said he had never seen a judgment by Biden in regard to foreign policy that was correct.

Frankly, I would like to see realistic changes to effect border security that closes our open borders, infrastructure programs that use private investments as well as government funding, and an updated health care program that reins in the cost of health insurance while providing for preexisting conditions and lowering the cost of prescription medications. These three targets could be dealt with if Congress were willing to work for the good of the American public rather than the ongoing unnecessary investigations and constant unwillingness from the lack of leadership in the Democratic-controlled House to accept responsibility and do what is needed.

We have a choice, a businessman, or a relic with the acumen of the community organizer’s administration. What’s yours and why? Are you better off now than in the Obama/Biden years?

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Comments (13)
Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jun 07, 2019 06:30

See Ron, he's got nothing. Can't even stay on topic.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Jun 07, 2019 06:13

Empty suits have no opinions of their own regarding far out Democrat-Socialist themes ? Wonder why ? I guess empty is Zero.

Jan Dolcater Rockport

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jun 06, 2019 13:20


Jan refuses to respond or counter the “cut and pastes” and “copied links” because he has no counter argument that will withstand scrutiny.
Now he wants to change the subject to further avoid having to respond. Also so he can start an argument to distract from the debate at hand.
“Because I say so” in a post is nothing more than opinion.
Unless you back it up that is all it will be, options.
I noticed on another post here a writer wrote a screed of nothing more than conspiracy theories, speculation and personal beliefs and the only two the responded believe it without question. That kind of blind ignorance scares me more than anything. That is how dictators come to power.
As the saying goes “Just because you believe it, doesn’t make it true”

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Jun 06, 2019 07:59


Which of the Democrat proposals do you support, any or all>  Do you have an opinion?

Jan Dolcater, Rockport

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jun 05, 2019 17:28

Wrong on just about all counts and the links privided through this thread show that. But you didn't read them.

Argumentum ad ignorantiam
Argumentum ad logicam
Circulus in demonstrando
Cum hoc ergo propter hoc
Dicto simpliciter
Red herring
Straw man

Lastly here are the GDP numbers by year 11-18

But you won't read those either.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Jun 05, 2019 08:05

to the Obama faithful

Yes, the economy began a turn around in 2011, but for the next five years it was still in the doldrums  The average GDP for the last six years of Obama/Biden was 1.5%  Now over 3%  Lack of over regulations and a pro-business approach  That never existed under the previous administration is the reason. A community organizer (Obama) and a career politician (Biden) have little if any knowledge of how to turn a profit or run a business of any size.

I find it particularly interesting that none of the individuals who prefer to criticize the current economy have not offered their approval of any of the many far left socialist proposals that the Democrats have put forward   Why don't you  get over your shyness and expose your thoughts, or do you have any?

By the way Ron, Trump's estimated net worth by Forbes is 3.1 billion and by Bloomberg was 2.8 billion  How does that match with your accumulation and lack of business acumen?

Nothing like far left looney tunes !!!

Jan Dolcater  Rockport

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jun 04, 2019 17:22

It started in 2011 all the economic  indicators say so, the economic experts on both sides say so and I posted links form both sides that show that.

Economic recoveries are not instantaneous. They take years sometimes decades to reach what could be considered full recovery. It’s not a switch is a hill that has to be climbed. This is not a binary process. To deny that would mean you never lived through one.
The math doesn’t lie. Go to the links and read how it all works.


As to Obama you’re have conveniently, or willfully, forgotten the rest of his accomplishments.

Have business acumen is not a requirement.


Trump has zero experience in government, has no idea how it all works and more than 50%is business endeavors were failures.


The US (counties) cannot be run like a business, Article IV Section 1, Us Constitution.

As for today things are not looking good. There is now an inverse bond yield curve, a large predictor of a recession and the S&P 500 is now doing worse under Trump.


You can believe whatever you want but I’ll pay attention to what is going on in the real world.

If you are true to form you will ignore all this.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jun 03, 2019 13:59

Also Jan, you seem to claim that all this economic growth and low unemployment is solely the result of Trumps actions since bringing elected. That no recovery took place during the previous administration. The economic recovery started in 2011.
Here are links I have posted previously from conservative and liberal sites to back that claim up.
If you are true to form you won’t venture down that road and stay firmly in place, in denial.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Jun 03, 2019 13:50


Cut and paste.
That is how all this is done on the web. You type up you piece and supply links and info to support your claims.
You back up what you have to say with verifiable facts from multiple sources, with bibliography.
Without that, it is nothing more than an opinion. I note here there are those that blindly accept those opinions a fact.
If you cannot verify or prove what you assert it’s opinion, nothing more.
Also, I see you still don’t know the difference between a non-binding resolution, legislative proposal or legislative submission.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Jun 03, 2019 08:37

To Pvt Cut and Paste,

As usual all you seem to be able to do is criticize with snide remarks.  It is obvious that you prefer the lush economy of the "new normal of 1,5 % GDP of Obama/Biden". It is most interesting the only of the pie in the sky proposals that the Democrat/ Socialists have come forth with that you espouse is the "NEW GREEN DEAL"  Since you are an economic genius, please explain how you pay for it  I guess you will come forth with some more hot air rather than reality. Poor, poor Ron

Jan Dolcater, Rockport.

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Jun 01, 2019 16:25

Mr. Knapp, what you deem "socialistic" someone else might call "in the public interest."  Certainly the proposals discussed are in keeping with the "promote the general welfare" portion of the Preamble to the Constitution.  I suppose we should be happy that your money market account, which you seem to have confused with your savings account, is performing to your expectations.  However, many of us are more concerned with the fully half of Americans that live from paycheck to paycheck and their prospects for, say, retirement.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jun 01, 2019 15:37

Yes, President Trump and the Republican party has some good ideas. So do the Democrats. Obamacare was one of them. No doubt it was imperfect; that was known from the beginning. Working together things can be tweaked.  Isn't that how things are supposed to work in a household?  My parents did it well, I did not.

Posted by: James Bowers | May 31, 2019 16:00

Old propaganda straight from the republican party. I'm sorry I wasted time reading this in trying to be objective and won't spend the time countering very old cliches and half truths. It's sad to see newsprint wasted on this.

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