Independence — our freedom

By Jan Dolcater | Jul 04, 2019

Coming up for all of us to consider is a date of importance. In fact, it will arrive the same day that the paper comes out this week, the 4th of July, Independence Day. Do you have any special thoughts about it, or is it just another day to cook out and enjoy the summer time weather?

I wonder how many schoolchildren or college students and perhaps those who are a bit older really grasp the significance. I suspect not a majority, and how unfortunate that is. In our current "me first" society, far too often many of all ages just live for the moment. Few, if any, give consideration to how blessed we are. This date celebrates our freedom, which is unmatched by any country in the history of mankind. Take a moment and consider the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who put together the elements of our republic, and be thankful.

However, to hear the verbiage of politicians, as they scramble for support in their effort to gain recognition and power, is nothing less than pathetic. To hear the rhetoric that drips from their lips leads one to believe that we are living in a very repressive place. Nothing is farther from the truth, as we all have the ability to go where we wish, to say what we want, that is, unless you are a conservative, and that means you are simply speaking hate speech. We have freedom of religion and can choose to work where we please, as long as we are qualified to do the work, and sometimes if we are not. This is far different than other countries, such as China, Russia, Iran and other areas dominated by those less tolerant ideologically. Think about it, what’s better than being independent?

It must be clearly understood that our independence and freedom are not without significant cost. Over the years our nation has been required to make huge commitments and sacrifices of men and substance to be able to maintain its freedom. I encourage all ages to never forget this truism. Be ever vigilant of aggressive nations with philosophies far different from ours with either economic or warlike attitudes that infringe on our independence. We must always maintain a strong and vibrant economic presence, as well as a dominant military one. Many of the proposed positions of those of the far left Democrats, in my opinion, would produce negative postures to opponents such as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. This is particularly true with their push toward extreme socialistic policies that would seriously hinder our economic and military preparedness.

Instead of coasting, as if all is well, be alert, be informed and be engaged. If we fail to do so, our independence and our freedom will be seriously challenged. It is my prayer that we will open wide the eyes of our souls and be filled with a spirit of both joy and commitment and be inspired to maintain our strength and purpose. Have a happy and committed Independence Day.

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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 08, 2019 18:42

Why, Jan/June, aren't you aware that every time trump hears a poll he doesn't like he simply barks out, "Fake News!"  I guess, just like religion, conservatives are selective in what they choose to believe.

Does it seem so strange to you, Jan/June, that Americans who actually believe in our nations principles that were stated so well in the Declaration of Independence would be ashamed of an administration that degrades and demeans every one of them?  Democratic socialists aren't ashamed of being Americans.  They're ashamed of what trump and his "supporters" have done to our reputation around the world; Jailing children, insulting our allies, crawling before dictators, doing business with murderers and the murderers of children, flaunting the law, ignoring every tenet of morality, and then constantly lying about it all.  Having a sexual predator for a president seems almost superficial doesn't it.

How about it, Jan/June?  Anything there to be ashamed about or do conservative even know the meaning of "shame" these days?  Think about it.  I know it's hard.

Even George Will, -real conservatism's top intellectual- has said that "this shift in discourse that Trump has started in the nation will do “more lasting damage to the country than Nixon's surreptitious burglaries did.”

Ouch.  I have to agree and I guess George isn't feeling too proud of the present government about now either.  Ya' think?

And as long as we're quoting polls, Jan/June, how about this one.

"A new survey from Quinnipiac University asked: "Do you think that President Trump committed any crimes before he was president, or don't you think so?"

Sixty-four percent responded that yes, they thought Trump had committed crimes, while just 24 percent said they thought he had not. Thirteen percent either didn't know or didn't answer."

In general, folks didn't seem to trust Trump. On the other hand, respondents said they trusted Michael Cohen—Trump's former lawyer going to prison for lying to Congress, among other crimes—more than the president, by a 50 percent to 35 percent margin. "

As for "government control," well there are some things that should be controlled, don't you think.  I know that conservatives only think the common people should be controlled while corporations and the economic elite deserve carte blanche to do anything they like.  Most civilized peoples however know that government control is needed for forces in society that normal people can't control, like the poisoning of our waters, and air, like the corruption of our politicians.  Corporations and the ultra-rich have too much freedom while the rest us have to deal with the consequences.  It's a conundrum but Lincoln put it rather well:

"The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly, the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of liberty."  -Abraham Lincoln

Clearly, in the question of "freedom," conservatives are on the side of the wolves.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Jul 08, 2019 11:31


The most recent Gallop survey showed that only 45 % of the individuals polled said they were proud to be called Americans

When political philosophies were broken out 76% of Republicans (Conservative) were proud to be called Americans however, only 22 % of  Democrat (Socialist) were proud to be called  Americans  The tilt below 50 % indicates more Dems were polled than Conservatives   Easy to see where you fit.

As for hate groups the main fountain of this is from the left side of the ledger  Far More !

Socialism is plain and simple more and more government control  If you want that, please move on

Jan Dolcater  Rockport

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 08, 2019 09:41

Why yes, Jan/June.  I've considered moving every right wing drone who cries "Socialist!" every time an idea that would actually benefit the people of America to a country where social democracy is presently in progress.  That might give you and the rest of your dumbed down cabal a view of the reality on which the rest of the world operates.  After all, even Israel has universal health care even if our tax dollars pay for it.  You'd think we could do as much for our own people, wouldn't you?  Well, maybe not.


In any case I noticed that you've avoided the central question of my post.  Who's dodging the question now?  I'm well aware that the "freedom of others" is the last concern of any conservative but what goes around comes around, right?  I just thought I'd like to hear if you actually knew what you were writing about.  I doubt it of course, but I'd like to hear your side.


As for Democratic Socialists not being proud to call themselves Americans nothing could be further from the truth, which is to be expected for most things you write.  


So, here's a few words on socialism from a better American:


"Socialism is a scareword they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years.  Socialism is what they called public power.  Socialism is what they called farm price supports.  Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance.  Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations.  Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people."  -Harry S. Truman, 1952


Make you think, Jan/June?  Probably not.  The more things change...

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jul 08, 2019 09:05

The dis ease of hatefulness is catching yet so is HOPE . :)

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Jul 08, 2019 08:51


Once more Ron, like most of the  Democrat Socialists that are not proud to be called Americans, is expressing his taste for the Scandinavian countries. Ron, have you considered a move?

Jan Dolcater Rockport


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 07, 2019 15:28

Thanks for proving Obama's point there, Robert.


"When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance you don't really have to do anything, you just let them talk." -Barack Obama

Posted by: ROBERT W. KNAPP | Jul 07, 2019 11:23

Freedom also means that when you see a post from "Ron", you are free to not read his screeds.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Jul 05, 2019 19:01

I must say, Jan, that for someone who uses the word "freedom" so much you've never really defined what you mean by it.  Do you think, for the benefit of those without your insight, that you could be a little more exacting in your meaning.  I've noticed that conservatives are always worried about this concept of "freedom" but never seem to express what it actually means, what all it entails, and how it should be described.



According to "Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization that releases an annual report on freedom around the world, it is measured it in terms of civil liberties and political rights.  And guess what.  At the top of their listing are two so-called socialist countries; Norway (a favorite of trump's) and Sweden.  The US doesn't even make the top twenty-five in the rankings.



Could it be that when "a strong and vibrant economic presence" only benefits the top tier of society that "freedom" becomes more difficult to express?



Perhaps Norway and Sweden, as well as the rest of the "western" world know that in order for a society to be free the Four Freedoms as expressed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941 had to be addressed.

1. Freedom of speech and expression


2. Freedom of religion


3. Freedom from want


4. Freedom from fear



I know that these freedom are directly expressed in the constitution but neither is democracy, which is never mentioned in a document which counted slaves as three-fifths of a human being.  Time's change and society changes with it.



In any case I would love to hear your "thoughts" on the meaning of freedom.  For now I'll leave you with the thoughts of a better man than either you or I.


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” ~ Nelson Mandela



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