Letters for Oct. 17, 2019

Oct 17, 2019

Column offered 'alternative facts'

Everyone has the right to express an opinion. That said, I must express mine after reading Paul Ackerman's "Another View" column in the Oct. 10 Republican Journal. I will not attempt to respond to every one of Mr. Ackerman's litany of lies, misleading statements, exaggerations, character assassinations and just plain hooey.

But here are two comments and corrections. First, how can every major media outlet be providing "false narratives"? Could "Another View" just possibly have fallen victim to "alternative facts"?

Second, a basic reading of the U.S. Constitution reveals that the House of Representatives makes its own rules, including those for potential impeachment. Defend the president as you wish, Mr. Ackerman, but please do not insult my intelligence with your incessant, partisan, hurtful, divisive and incorrect one-sided drivel.

Michael Sirota


Bonneville for City Council

I will vote for and I totally support Brenda Bonneville for Ward 3 city councilor. The truth be known, I asked her to run. As I have had the honor to represent Ward 3 for 10 years, I figured you would want to know this.

Brenda has integrity. She listens, is not afraid to disagree, and, in my personal view, is probably going to be 10 times better than I was.

But it's up to you to decide. I hope you vote, and vote for Brenda. Then you will get to see what I already know.

Eric Sanders

Belfast Ward 3 Councilor

No punishment too harsh

Speaking as someone whose Yankee roots go back to 17th-century New England, whose ancestors fought French and Indians in their own farmyards, and then fought Tories and Indians in those same farmyards, and then fought the Hessians and Redcoats until 1783, and fought the Redcoats again in 1812-1815, and fought the racist secessionists in 1861-65, and whose father resigned his tenure track job as a biology professor at Wabash College to die flying night photo-recon missions against the Nazis, I wish to observe that no punishment could possibly be too harsh for Trump. The man would sell America to Satan for a golf course and Trump Tower in Hell.

He needs to be charged with treason, convicted and removed from office. Please get him out of the government my ancestors labored to establish and fought to preserve, long before any of Trump's ancestors had set foot on this continent. If he continues to betray our allies, we will have none on our side when the next world war crops up. What he has done to the Kurds in return for a Trump tower in Turkey is an act of deliberate treason. We must get him out of the White House and into a psychiatric ward until he dies.

William Burgess Leavenworth


Sensible, pragmatic, moderate

I am writing to endorse Brenda Bonneville for Belfast City Council. Brenda knows Belfast. Her home is on Congress Street, a busy in-town neighborhood. She is a longtime small-business person where she works with her head and her hands. She routinely has to both manage and run a small business and use tools and a million parts to prepare and repair lamps as she does at Ambiance in downtown Belfast.

Brenda is also publisher, a co-founder and editor of MaineArtScene.com, and also helps manage her husband, Thierry Bonneville’s, web design and communications business. Their two daughters went through the Belfast school system and graduated from the University of Maine system.

Brenda served nine years on the board of Waterfall Arts and has had an active public life where she is well-known for being sensible, pragmatic and moderate.

Belfast has had a couple of tough years. It is time to get back to work. Please join me in supporting Brenda Bonneville for the Belfast City Council. Thank you.

Mike Hurley


No bulls in her china shop

Back when we closed off Main Street to hold the Belfast Farmers' Market, I developed a habit of walking up to Karna Olsson's shop, having a chat with Karna and seeing what funky stuff had showed up over the week. I was quite sad to hear Karna would be retiring, assuming that tradition would come to an end. But I'm a good sport, so when Brenda took over, I stopped in to say hi.

I noted that the store hadn't changed as much as I thought it would. Brenda said something like this: "Well, it'll change over time under my ownership, but what Karna was doing worked well, so I see no reason to tear it all down just to suit my vision."

That answer stuck with me. Brenda sees the value in honoring what's been accomplished, respecting what's in the works and making changes in ways that enhance and progress a thing. There are no bulls in Brenda's china shop, and I think that's exactly what we need in our next city councilor.

Anne Saggese



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