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By Penny Sampson | Oct 11, 2019


My traveling is done for the week; I spent too many hours in a car. Mary Ellen Hall drove me to Boston to meet my new surgeon. I will have to go back down for a couple of days of tests before we set a surgery date. Today I had a follow-up with my doctor in Portland. The good news is I can eat again, although only a little bit; I'm still on TPN.

If you're getting calls from Kingston Jamaica, area code 876, this is a "Publishers Clearing House" scam. They thought they were talking to my mom, and said my mother won a grand prize and a new Mercedes. I told him it would be hard for her to spend the money and drive the car where she was (6 feet under). Then he wanted me to "claim" it.

End of story, I told him he ought to be ashamed of himself for trying to pull scams on people.

On Day of Service Oct. 5, I had a team of six Unity College students, myself and Dennis Smart. We cleaned and treated 37 stones. We used a biologic cleaner called D2 that as it's working into the stone will turn them orange and eventually back to white. They worked diligently and enthusiastically. Who knew cleaning cemetery stones could be both FUN and educational?

We talked about population dynamics. I asked if they knew what the round metal stakes were for and they knew it had to do with being a veteran; then we looked at the ages and dates and surmised what war the veteran would have served in.

They took interest in one particular family stone where in 1858 the family lost three of their children: one 14 years of age, one 4 years and one 4 months. Why would all those children have died? We have vaccines that prevent most of those deaths now. Why was there a slew of young women who died? Probably childbirth. We also took an interest of some of those old-fashioned first names like Prudentia and Gorham. It was a great day!

The second annual apple pie contest at The Market of Unity was won by Shawna Mitchell. For her efforts she was awarded a gift certificate from Mammie's.

If you are in need of a space to rent for gatherings, there are a few options available in town. The Masonic Hall, the Snowdusters' clubhouse and the Community Center.

You still have time to get your bids in on the Town Office plowing and cemetery maintenance contracts. Bids are due by Nov. 1 to be opened Nov. 5 at the regular selectmen's meeting. For specs see Kari at the Town Office.



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