Letters for July 9

Jul 09, 2020

Wonderful work

As a longtime early morning walker on the downtown streets of Searsport, I am writing to praise the town road crew for the wonderful work they have done to improve the quality of the "shoulders" of the side streets. The surface is smooth, no more potholes, and the space is wide enough for a pedestrian to feel safe when a vehicle passes.

My thanks to the town for addressing what "was" a problem and to the workers who solved the problem in such a professional way.

Charlene Knox Ferris

Searsport Town Historian

A vote for you

I'm running for Senate on the cheap. We failed to gain Clean Elections support by six contributions — at a time when asking people to give was an enormous ask. I am not a Clean Elections candidate in the sense that I received a bucket of money to convince you to vote for me in the July 14 primary. I’m also not required to meet certain reporting requirements or have strict limits on donor contributions. Barring that, transparency and spendthrift in government can have positive outcomes.

Campaigning was made easier by many free platforms, such as the letter you are reading right now. Seniors who might not have ready access to the internet need something different than highly mobile ones. Expensive mailers are a huge expense, not to mention a great emergency gum wrapper or makeshift dustpan. I decided instead to mail seniors a letter — both elders and high school graduates — and use social media platforms to engage with voters. We made thousands of calls between homeschooling and working. My house is a mess.

Building relationships costs nothing but effort, and this position you consider me for requires a lot of it. After we’ve left our other jobs, public service is an extracurricular activity. Campaigning is, too. But more importantly it’s an opportunity to show you how I can get things done using valuable resources, like your tax dollars, to achieve our goals.

As a mom working with one income, I fed my family on as little as $13 a week, so a small campaign budget doesn’t represent an obstacle for me. I hope I've had a chance to connect with you if you hoped I would. If not, please let me know how I can work harder to earn your vote. In just a few weeks, you will head to the polling station and cast a ballot.

I hope that you will place me in the highest column you feel I’ve proven I deserve. I hope you will support me with your #1 vote — a vote for me is a vote for you. Thank you!

Robyn Stanicki


The one who will work hardest

I was first introduced to Robyn Stanicki when she called me on my cell phone. I happened to pick up and became engaged in a conversation because she was so easy to talk to. This made me want to learn more about her and when she sent me a friend request through Facebook, I accepted.

Robyn comes from a family that struggled. She herself was homeless as a younger person, but this didn't break her. Robyn became a social worker and a researcher, which enabled her to identify barriers and to make the right choices to getting the job done. Her life, her choices, education and experience make her highly qualified to lead District 11.

I’m voting for Robyn because I believe she is the one who will work hardest for us in Augusta, because she has been doing it right along. I’m voting for her because I have faith in her to put us first because of her willingness to listen. If we have leaders that don’t actually listen to what we have to say, then how can they be our leaders?

Please join me in voting for someone that will fight for all of us.

Colette Jadis


Voting for Curry

I am very pleased to endorse Chip Curry for the Maine State Senate. I have known Chip for many years as a member of our church community, as a volunteer on too-many-to-name projects, as an educator, and as a father and spouse. In every one of these areas he is totally committed, giving them his all.

As an educator, academic adviser and parent, Chip understands the transformative power of education. We need a well-trained workforce to help us build the good-paying jobs for the future. Chip will be an advocate for expanding the employment prospects for all Waldo County citizens.

In every area of his life, Chip has demonstrated the importance of being smart and prudent in resourcing time and money. He will bring this same prudence to the State House. If a program isn’t meeting its goals, then it must be modified or eliminated. Conversely, if a program is having a positive impact on Waldo County and the state and could do more, he will fight for its expansion. He supports raising the state contribution to our schools to the mandated 55%, thus relieving some of the property tax burden on Waldo County citizens. Chip will be a fiscal advocate for all of the people of Waldo County.

Please join me in supporting Chip’s continued efforts and elect him to the Maine State Senate!

Anna Wood-Cox


Committed to children, families

I met Chip Curry 2003, when I was serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Maine Communities for Children and he was our project leader. Chip’s strong commitment to the children and families of Maine was evident, as he provided guidance to a crew working to make a positive impact and create sustainable change at the local level. Chip was both enthusiastic and realistic, challenging us each to see the possibilities and understand the process of making a difference as we made relationships with and advocated for the communities in which we served.

Chip continues to value the children and families of Waldo County, perhaps even more so, now that he is a father himself. As a longtime resident of Waldo County, Chip is aware of issues that are important to members of his community, one of which is access to education or training for well-paying jobs.

Chip has long recognized the value of education for expanding one’s world, making connections, opening doors of opportunity, and increasing options for earning a decent living. His desire to bring a community college to Waldo County would both provide more local jobs and make affordable and practical education more accessible for area residents.

Chip works diligently to provide opportunities for local young adults and non-traditional students to reach their potential through his role as coordinator of student services at URock, and is committed to doing the same for all of Waldo County, if given the opportunity to represent his community in the Maine Senate.

Amy Tice


Impressed by Curry

It is always a good day when you draw Chip Curry as a doubles partner in tennis; he runs down everything. After tennis, eight of us often get a chance to sit and talk. These coffee and bagel forums are wide-ranging — current events, reliable car mechanics, movies, outrages, fishing, frustrations, and whatever piques anyone’s interest at the moment is reason enough to get down in the weeds and share opinions, advice and information.

I have been constantly impressed by Chip’s contributions. They are thoughtful and inquiring. His range of knowledge is impressive. He will often come back a week later having run down research that adds information or a new perspective to the thread of ongoing topics. Even more impressive is his capacity to listen and learn from others. He doesn’t talk to hear his own voice. If he has something to say, it’s usually fresh, reasonable, and sometimes provocative.

What more can we ask of someone willing to represent us in government? A thoughtful hard-working person, willing to listen and find answers to complex problems seems perfect. My only reluctance in recommending him to represent Waldo County in the Maine Senate is that he may not have time to play tennis, and a good doubles partner is hard to find.

Rick Cronin


Supporting Pattavina

I would like my fellow voters to know more about Dr. Charles Pattavina, candidate for Waldo County state senator in the July 14 Democratic primary. My impression is that Charlie is the lesser-known candidate of the three. Unlike the other candidates, he is “from away” and he did not raise his children here. But do not confuse that with a lack of care for and investment in Waldo County and Maine.

As an emergency room physician in a rural state, he has provided health care to some of the most vulnerable in our community. As a leader, he has worked on state policy to improve health care and strive for health equality and justice. As a community member, he has invested time and money into the local economy. As a person, he is simply a kind man.

The advantage with voting for Charlie is that he can hit the ground running. He is well versed and experienced in working with state government, developing and advocating for policy, and understanding budgets. He has a proven track record in getting things done with collaboration, fairness, honesty, and a good dose of humor.

Electing Charlie Pattavina as our next senator will help the people of our county and state work cooperatively to continue our tradition of rural community living in Waldo County.

Jennifer Gunderman-King


The ideal candidate

I am writing this letter to endorse the candidacy of Charles Pattavina for the state Senate seat in District 11. There are three qualified candidates but I think that at this particular time Dr. Pattavina‘s credentials make him the ideal candidate.

I have practiced medicine for the last 45 years and I can truthfully say I have never been as confused or uncertain as I have been for the past six months. The difficulties with COVID-19 would have been extreme even if they were not set against a very turbulent social situation. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line what should be a public health care issue became an equally divisive political issue. I am concerned that until we can separate them again, we are going to have increasing difficulties of our own making, solving all of the problems which we are facing as a society.

I have worked with Dr. Pattavina under his direction as medical director of emergency services at St. Joseph Hospital. I know he’s reliable, dependable, and able to separate complex issues into elements that can be managed. It is my personal belief, not supported by any real data, that we are going to have to deal with the pandemic for at least a year before we begin to see any true element of control. We are truly facing, as Shakespeare would say “the winter of our discontent.”

As has been outlined in the candidate forums, there are many complex issues facing the state. I believe until we mange the pandemic issue, other issues may be only made more complex. I think that COVID-19 is our most immediate issue and demands our full attention.

I believe Dr. Pattavina’s experience in both health care delivery and political environments such as the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Maine Medical Association will help find a solution that will take the politics out of what is basically a public health issue. While there are several good candidates, I believe Dr. Pattavina’s unique skill set is what’s needed at this time.

Dr. John D. Gage


Wear a mask, please

The pandemic, it’s still here, it is still killing people, still sending people of all ages to the hospital. It is raging in some places of our country. Luckily for those of us who live in Maine, we are not experiencing the rage of the pandemic as some states are now. Yet we are still not adhering to the recommendations of the scientific and medical experts — not us as individuals nor the businesses we frequent.

It does my heart good when I see people wearing masks and social distancing when out in public. I think there is hope when I enter a business and that business is requiring both a mask, and social distancing.

It is disheartening when the opposite happens. When I go into a grocery store and half the shoppers are without masks, and they ignore the markings on the floor designating the 6-foot distancing, and the store does nothing about it, I am concerned. No one is policing these people.

I was at Reny’s the other day and a worker was outside with a clip board and hand sanitizer and was wearing a mask. There was a sign on the door that face masks were required. Everyone entering the store had a mask. On my way out of the store a man tried to enter without a mask and was stopped by the employee. He didn’t argue, he just got in his car and left. I would like to know why, if I can’t enter a place of business without shoes and a shirt, then why are people allowed to enter without wearing a mask, thereby putting other people’s health at risk? Is it really too much to ask?

We are lucky to have a governor that is concerned about the health of the people of Maine. A governor who has the full support of Maine CDC expert Dr. Shah. This is not a political issue. It is a serious health issue. Look at the stats, please — over 130,000 people have died, hundreds of thousands are testing positive. Yet many of us are not following the advice of experts; experts who are practically begging the public to do what is necessary to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Please do what is necessary to protect us all from this virus. Wear a mask, please.

Tim Rose


Small-donor candidates

We congratulate Chip for his qualification as a Clean Elections candidate!  We certainly know how difficult that is to do. We all worked hard to participate in this great program and even encouraged supporters to donate $5 to all three of us, hoping all of us had time to qualify. Given Chip’s experience running for this seat in 2012 and because he was able to launch his campaign immediately (the two of us didn’t know right away that Erin was not seeking reelection), it may have been a little easier for him, but no doubt still quite difficult.

Even though the pandemic quickly took hold and we were not able to solicit enough contributions in time to qualify, we are boldly pursuing this nomination as traditionally funded candidates.

We do want to clarify that despite not being officially labeled as “Clean Elections” candidates, neither of us has solicited or accepted any money from corporations or corporate PACs (nor has any been offered). We are relying on individual contributions, personal funds and borrowed money. We pledge to spend your tax dollars as prudently as our campaign funds and we thank you for the opportunity to showcase our spirit and experience, and your consideration of all of us in the July 14 primary.

Thank you!

Robyn Stanicki, Belfast

Charlie Pattavina, Belfast

Curry has what it takes

As the District 93 representative for the Maine House, I know what it takes to be effective in Augusta. We need people like Chip who listen, who can find common ground with others and who can solve problems for the people of Maine.

I’ve seen Chip Curry open doors, give support, and guide people to achieving their career goals. Through my work with Penquis and the Knox County Homeless Coalition, I regularly connected with people who were in difficult life situations, and had not even considered any advanced education or additional training. I saw them gain confidence and be successful through Chip’s mentorship and encouragement. As the adviser at the UMA Rockland Center (UROCK) he was a tremendous support to those who chose to pursue college and prepare for good paying jobs.

I trust Chip because he cares about all people in our community. He follows through on his promises, and works hard to help others follow through on their hopes, as well as their needs. I believe he will be a great Senator!

Rep. Pinny Beebe-Center

House District 93, Rockland and Owls Head

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Jul 16, 2020 09:27

As pertains to Nordic, the latest Supreme Court decision regarding Tomasino versus Town of Casco July 7 2020, essentially dooms Nordic Factory Farm's  alleged easement and access to Penobscot Bay. Murray and the Superior Court will weigh in with his jurisprudence, and Nordic will file another similarly losing endeavor to the Supreme Court of Maine.


Posted by: Ralph Stanley | Jul 14, 2020 20:04

Latest Supreme Court decision regarding Tomasino versus Town of Casco July 7 2020, essentially dooms Nordic Factory Farm to any conclusion to their alleged easement and access to Penobscot Bay. Murray and the Superior Court will weigh in with his jurisprudence, and Nordic will file another similarly losing endeavor to the Supreme Court of Maine.

Posted by: Seth Thayer | Jul 09, 2020 10:39

Dr. Pattavina and Ms.Stanicki  have it correct in their letter above: Chip Curry is experienced and well-organized. In my opinion, he would make the best legislator for our district.  Vote for Curry!

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