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Waldo County designated 'green' by state; BAHS identifies COVID-19 case

By Kendra Caruso | Nov 06, 2020
Source: File photo.

Belfast — Belfast Area High School has one confirmed COVID-19 case, according to Regional School Unit 71 Superintendent Mary Alice McLean. The announcement came a day before the state changed the reopening designation of Waldo County's school districts to green.

All students in the district's K-8 schools will be allowed to return to in-person instruction starting Monday, Nov. 9, McLean said. The state had previously reduced Waldo County schools' reopening status to only part-time. It meant student attendance was staggered through the week, which limited how many students could be in a school at once.

BAHS and Belfast Community Outreach Program in Education will continue operating under the yellow designation with staggered student attendance as they have been since the beginning of the school year.

McLean said parents can keep their children in remote learning if they are uncomfortable sending them back to school. She reminded parents to stay vigilant against the virus and that more cases are possible moving forward.

"Please keep in mind that although Waldo County is back in GREEN, this pandemic is far from over, and we may well have to go back to the Yellow-Light/Hybrid Plan -- or even to the Red-Light/Remote Plan if confirmed cases increase in a specific school," she said in an email.

Five high school staff members and 28 students were sent home to quarantine until Nov. 17 or Nov. 18, McLean said in an email Thursday. So far, people associated with the infected person in the school are not testing positive for the coronavirus.

The district had two confirmed cases associated with an outbreak at a Brooks church in mid-October. McLean said it is unclear if the current case is associated with the church outbreak.

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Comments (1)
Posted by: Paul Sheridan | Nov 07, 2020 02:16

"...this pandemic is far from over..."

No truer words spoken.


All the best of the medical, and social sciences point to a COVID timeline that requires a tremendous amount of cooperation, by hundreds of millions in the US…


“IF” we get a working vaccine, we we will still have to Mask, Distance, and Wash, for as long as six months AFTER we reach a 70% vaccination ate, which in itself might take six months.


This leads me to think we MIGHT have open schools, restaurants, theaters again, in March of 2022, maybe…


Based on BEST-case scenarios:  during each stage, everyone, of every age and position in society, will have to follow the minimum safety precautions at all times:

- Wear a mask whenever in public,

- socially distance from anyone not in your everyday “pod,” and

- practicing general hygiene habits (hand washing, etc.) will need to continue.


January 1 - March 31, 2021


A reliable, tested vaccine is becomes available. IF we have established protocols for fair distribution, funding, testing, contact tracing, and education…

(EVERYONE must mask, distance, wash!)


April 1 - June 30, 2021


…then, 50% of population will have received this (these) vaccines. In some, some vaccines may fail, some people will get sick anyway, some may have bad reactions.  Continuing education will need to be stepped up…   Continue testing and contact tracing.

(EVERYONE must mask, distance, wash!)


July 1 - September 30, 2021


…after lots of resistance and procrastination, a critical minimum will have received the vaccine, we will need to work on getting the vaccination rate up to above 70%…

(EVERYONE must mask, distance, wash!)


October 1 - December 31, 2021


…Continue testing and contact tracing….

(EVERYONE must mask, distance, wash!…until otherwise advised by scientists)


January 1 - February 28, 2022


Continue testing and contact tracing….  School board, business owners works to assure that all participants go back to work/school/play, that we have reached the turning point…


(EVERYONE must mask, distance, wash!…until otherwise advised by scientists)


March 1, 2022


“Normalcy” reached???   Continue testing and contact tracing….


Remember the above is based on “BEST-case” scenarios.


We all must do our part!






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