2013 a new year a new chance. Astrology has something to say that is worthwhile, here's my thoughts on the planets for January 1-15.

By ananur forma | Dec 31, 2012


here's what I see for  January 2013  (calculated for  east coast)

It's still 2012, at this moment that is, 11:40am on December 31. Cold day. whoa. thank goodness for shoveling out my driveway and now I'm ready to go. "An angel," came by with a plow truck as I was shoveling my driveway and did the end of the driveway for me where the street plow had made a rugged mountain. He wouldn't let me pay him. That's kindness for ya. I sure do appreciate that. This upcoming year is more about being grateful for what we have "today."  There's always only "today" and looking ahead to worry about paying bills takes us out of the moment and creates concerns that are not fun. Who knows if there is a tomorrow? But right now my cat is sleeping and is warm and that means alot to me. My bills are paid today. My heat is on 60 degrees and that's kind of cold, but I have lots of layers on so I'm all right today. I try my best to stay with the moment and notice what is working today in this moment rather than going with the thought that tries to catch me and get me worrying. My Mom was a big worrier and it didn't help her any. I used to say to her when I was a teenager, "Don't waste your worries save it for something big." I hated it when she would tell me she was worrying about me. I translated that to mean she didn't trust me or my judgement. I wanted her to trust my decisions and be supportive of me and stop that worrying. I think her generation thought that worrying about someone meant that you loved them so much. To me it felt insulting. I prefer to listen and be supportive of someone that I love and give them the message... that I know they can do it, can handle it and I will do what I can to be helpful if needed. But worrying because I love you? nah.......

Happy New Year to everyone. Moving into 2013 numerologically it’s a 6 year which is all about family harmony. 6 has been nicknamed the “motherhood,” number. It is all about healing, protecting, caring, and teaching others. It’s all about, “the glue,” which keeps a family or a community together.

January 1 Mercury is in a fine aspect with Neptune known for inspiring us to write and create something which has uplifting qualities to it.

January 1-3 Mercury is also aspecting Uranus which speeds up the mind and can bring about blunt statements which can stir up conflicts.

January 2-4 Mars is energizing us all because it’s in a positive aspect with Jupiter. You can accomplish great things; overcome fears, run for miles. Plus you are able to take good care of others with the compassion and care that comes through while Mars is in Aquarius 12/26/2012 - 2/2/2013.

January 4-5 Mercury is aspecting Jupiter. You will have to be careful not to over extend yourself with so many ideas and distractions taking place.

January 5 your energy level could be lessened because the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Neptune. You need more rest in order to support your immune system.

January 4-6 Mercury is conjunct Pluto and they are both in a positive aspect to Saturn. It doesn’t get much better than this for a writer or researcher. You’re able to focus and get totally lost in what you’re doing. It’s also favorable for psychotherapy where you need to dig into the past in order to heal.

January 5-6 Mars is aspecting Pluto offering you tremendous persistence.

January 5-7 Mars is in a challenging aspect with Saturn bringing obstacles which demand patience and perseverance. You may become irritable and critical and say things you wish you hadn’t.

January 8 Venus enters Capricorn. Those born with the Sun in Capricorn December 21-January 20 are slow to trust you.  If you want to form a friendship with a Capricorn person you need to know that it is important to take it slowly. In general when Venus is moving through Capricorn money does not flow so easily. We are all focused on earning and saving and becoming more thrifty.

January 8-10 Venus is in a positive aspect with Neptune encouraging you to trust your feelings and open up to a new romantic relationship which seems to have the potential to be what you ideally want it to be.

January 11 the Sun is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter which means you are apt to overwhelm yourself trying to do too much.  The New Moon will take place at 2:44 p.m. with the Sun and Moon both at 21 degrees of Capricorn. This New Moon looks good for the economy of our country. A positive shift is taking place.

January 10-12 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Uranus and brings unpredictable circumstances to a new relationship. It’s an unstable time and it does not last very long.

January 13 Mercury is aspecting Jupiter finding you distracted and having a hard time concentrating. Venus is aspecting Jupiter today until noon tomorrow. Venus and Jupiter have a way of bringing out indulgences in food and alcohol.

January 14-16 Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn intensifying your emotions and stirring up issues of jealousy and possessiveness.

January 15-17 the Sun is conjunct Mercury, which isn’t all that unusual seeing how Mercury always sticks pretty close to the Sun. Astrologically it can make us more ego-centered with big ideas, some of them good ones! Venus is nicely aspecting Saturn offering stability and a sense of security to relationships.



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