37 Outfalls and 1 Bay: Tracking Penobscot Bay's licensed waste dischargers

Community Happenings
Belfast Public Library's 3rd floor Abbott Room
106 High St, Belfast, ME 04915
Ron Huber
Mar 05, 2014
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Photo by: googleearth

On March 5th, from 6pm to 7:30 Join the Friends of Penobscot Bay in the Belfast Public Library's 3rd floor Abbott Room to discuss  37 Outfalls and 1 Bay: Tracking Penobscot Bay's licensed waste dischargers".

In this  second event in our Winter 2014 series, (rescheduled to 3/6/14 due to a snow storm), we'll take a look at how  Penobscot Bay towns and state & federal agencies are doing, when it comes to  managing the flow of licensed wastewater from sewage treatment plants and industrial outfalls around Penobscot Bay.
Who pumps what into our bay? How much? Who's keeping watch?

An art as much as a science, shepherding the People's Poo through great digesting swarms of bacteria, and turning  it into safe dischargables  is actually a form of aquaculture. Our wastewater operators must stay as sensitive to their tiny charges as salmon farmers are to theirs. The wrong temperature or some unexpected pollution, and if action isn't quickly taken, disaster.
Industrial dischargers too have strict limits on what is allowed and not allowed, with operators monitoring wastewater flows of waste nutrients from SeaHag lobster processor in Tenant's Harbor  to GAC Chemical's  "process water", and many others.
How well are Penobscot Bay's outfall operators doing? Is the waste water coming out  meeting the legal standards?  Are our state and federal agencies doing enough oversight?  Too much> Come find out March 5th 2014 6-7:30 pm in the Belfast Free library's 3rd Floor Conference Room.