5 ways to make Christmas fun for Kids

By Chaudhary Khalid Rafiq | Dec 18, 2017
Photo by: john lewis

Traditionally, Christmas time is the season when advent calendar doors are open. It’s one of those holidays that everyone looks forward to because it’s the most exciting time of the year. It’s characterized by lots of shopping and exchanging gifts to an extent that some people require public storage facilities to keep extra stuff. However, for kids, the excitement comes from the thought that Santa will be coming by and leaving something for them. If you grew up observing the Christmas tradition, this is magic that you would want to pass on to your kids. Here are east ways to make Christmas for your kids while still maintaining its sparkle and magic:

1. Find interesting ways to answer difficult questions

Santa is at the core of Christmas for children. If your house does not have a chimney and you are getting difficult question on how he will enter the house, suggest to the kids that you will place a magic key outside the door for him. You can then go on to cut a big key from card boards then have the children decorate it with glitters to give it the ‘magic’.


2. Help Reindeer and Santa find your house easily

Work with the kids to sprinkle reindeer dust outside to lead the reindeer to your home. You can easily make magical reindeer dust from stuff available in your cereal cupboard and craft box. For instance, consider mixing glitter with some oats to create simple reindeer dust. To ensure Santa does not miss your house, prepare some tea lights or lanterns and arrange them outside to create a runway. Sprinkling the dust and arranging the lights outside with the kids is a simple Christmas activity that will make the kids really excited.


3. Let the kids help with hanging stockings

Avoid hanging stockings until the Christmas Eve arrives. Before the kids go to bed, have them hang those with you. If you don’t have stockings, use pillowcases and if you do not have space to hang them outside let the kids place them at end of their beds. This will spike more excitement for them that evening.


4. Place a bell on your door

If you have a bell in your house that is not in use, jungle it outside your door gently after the kids have retired to bed. There are high chances that the will hear you as you do that and they will be convinced they heard Santa coming by in the morning.

5. Read and Track Santa

There is no better book to read with kids on the Eve of Christmas than the Night Before Christmas book. It is a great way to make children excited about Santa’s visit in his big red suit. Consider reading the book as a bedtime story as a family and make it the perfect tradition to observe every year. If you are not able to get the Night Before Christmas, find any other Christmas story book to read. Also, go online and track Santa as he moves across the globe, the kids will love it.



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