King tours Belfast businesses

By Ben Holbrook | Aug 31, 2012
Photo by: Ben Holbrook Angus King speaks to Colburn Shore Store Owner Brian Horne during a visit to Belfast Thursday, Aug. 30.

Belfast — Putting a stop to partisan politics, getting people back to work and addressing the trillions of dollars of debt are three priorities Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Angus King highlighted during a visit to Belfast Thursday, Aug. 30.

King, who is running for the senate seat being vacated by Republican Olympia Snowe, toured Main Street to meet with residents and business owners. King’s trip included stops at Weaver’s Bakery, The Game Loft, Colburn Shoe Store, The Good Table and other establishments along Main Street.

After finishing his tour, King sat down for a brief interview to discuss what he hopes to accomplish if elected, and what he sees as important issues the country needs to tackle. One of those issues is the tone of Washington, D.C., which King said must be addressed before any progress can be made on improving the economy and addressing the debt.

“We can’t do anything if [Congress] doesn’t work,” he said.

Improving the economy and addressing the national debt were the next two priorities, King said he wants to address if elected. He said Belfast is doing well economically, but there are other places in the state that are still struggling. To improve the economy, the issue of the debt must be addressed because it is a “national security, economic and ethical issue,” that must be addressed, King said.

To that end, King said he learned from his time as Maine’s governor –– he served as for two terms from 1995-2003 –– that not all problems have one answer.

“There is no simple answers –– you have got to work across the board,” King said.

King said the education system, international trade policies and agriculture are all areas that need to be addressed to move the country forward. In addition, regulations should be overhauled to help businesses succeed.

“Too many regulations can stifle a business. We also need fair and equitable taxes,” he said. “You need silver buckshot instead of a silver bullet.”

The final topic King addressed was what potential he sees for renewable energy in an area such as, Belfast. He said offshore wind and tidal power could be beneficial to coastal areas, while acknowledging much of the technology is still in the research and development phase.

“The potential for jobs along the coast is almost unlimited,” he said.

However, until communities gain access to offshore wind and tidal power technology, King said there is “huge potential” for natural gas to serve as a transition fuel between oil and renewable energy sources.

“It’s much cleaner than coal and oil. That’s sort of the path I see working out,” he said.

King will face off against Democratic Candidate Cynthia Dill and Republican Candidate Charlie Summers in the November election.

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Posted by: Larry Curtis | Sep 02, 2012 09:04

Way to go Brian! Not every day you get a chance to sell a pair of shoes to a King!

Posted by: Melvin J. Box | Sep 01, 2012 10:54

I hope he's not putting a windmill on the top of Main street hill. Mel

Posted by: Dee Bielenberg | Aug 31, 2012 17:21

Angus, we missed you at City Drawers!

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