Alliance PAC Makes Two Endorsements in Democratic Senate Primaries

By Tony Payne | May 20, 2008

Augusta — The political action committee of the Alliance for Maine's Future (the Maine Prosperity PAC) has endorsed the candidacies of two well-known and respected Democrats in the upcoming primary election June 10th.

Edward Kelleher in Senate District 7 (South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough) over Larry Bliss.

Gary Pelletier in Senate District 35 (Northern Aroostook) over Troy Jackson.

Neither endorsement is a close call.

Both Bliss and Jackson voted to increase the cost of living in Maine as they raised taxes by $70 million - in the middle of the night and with no public hearing. That vote included taxing health care! They increased state spending by $468 million when they supported the original state budget just a year ago. The challenging conditions of the Maine economy are not going to get any better if either Bliss or Jackson continues to be elected.

Ed Kelleher of Scarborough

Years ago, Kelleher served in the House of Representatives and demonstrated his skill in working successfully with both Democrats and Republicans. He is widely recognized as a leader and statesman with a command of the rules and procedures of the Legislature - powerful tools when building coalitions and consensus. He is recently retired from the Maine court system and will bring his full energy to the work of representing his district. The voters of South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough also will benefit by having a highly respected and powerful voice in the Senate.

Gary Pelletier of Cross Lake

Pelletier is a retired Maine Game Warden who understands that the fair and reasonable use of the forest and our natural resources is the key to his region's economy. Whether it is logging, hunting or recreation, we think Pelletier will assure the traditions of the Maine woods are sustained. We do not expect that he would add to the burden of trying to get wood to the mills and crops to the processors when the cost for a gallon of diesel fuel already is more than $4 a gallon.

We also trust these two candidates would support:

- energy efficiency

- a sustainable environment

- reasonable regulations

- workforce training in higher education

- affordable state government

- rational economic development policies

With these two moderate Democrats, Maine has a chance to move toward the national average for taxes, energy, health care and business climate.

Reminder: Changing parties for the primary

If you are currently enrolled in one political party but wish to participate in the primary of another, you must change your party enrollment no later than May 23rd. By participating in the primary election of your choice, you will help assure the strongest candidates are presented to the voters in the November general election. Just drop by your town hall before the 23rd to switch parties. If you are not enrolled in a party, you may do so on election day at the polls.

Under any circumstance, be sure to vote Tuesday, June 10th!

For more information about the Alliance for Maine's Future, go to:

That's what we mean by Prosperity through voter action. We believe in Maine and we believe in you. Please, pass this along to your friends, family, co-workers, vendors and customers and ask them to do the same. Thanks!

Tony Payne
Executive Director

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