Endorsements: People, not parties, cast votes

By Tony Payne | Oct 02, 2008

Augusta — The AMF Maine Prosperity PAC, will soon release its endorsements of Democratic, Republican and independent legislative candidates. But for us, its about people, not parties - because legislators, acting of their own free will, are the ones who cast votes. It is they who will be held accountable for laws and regulations that impact the future of Maine. And more than ever, we need people committed to building a strong economy for Maine.

We will support candidates who we believe have a positive attitude toward

- delivering higher education that supports growing the private sector with ready-to-work employees

- moving Maine toward the national average for tax burden

- supporting private sector investment in Maine

- creating a competitive health care market and lowering costs toward the national average

- lowering electrical energy costs toward the national average

We'll also consider if

- the candidate worked in the private, public and/or non-profit sectors

- the candidate supports or opposes the repeal of the $70 million in new taxes on beverages and health care

- the candidate supports or opposes having state employees contribute to their health care and retirement benefits

We hope you also will consider these factors when deciding who to support when you vote.

Absentee ballots will be available at your town or city hall October 6th. You may request an absentee ballot application or vote at your town hall during regular business hours.

Please, elect candidates you believe will improve Maine's economy and create the brightest future for Maine.

Sign on to Promote the Vote for Maine

We're inviting you to join with other employers across the state in the non-partisan Promote the Vote for Maine project.

It's simple. Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call (620-7060) and we'll send you

- voter registration cards

- absentee ballot applications

- Promote the Vote for Maine posters

- payroll stuffers

You can encourage your co-workers to participate in one of the most important elections in recent memory! (contact us at info@allianceformaine.org)

This project is completely neutral though we always encourage people to find out more about the candidates and their positions. In the 2006 general election, 16 legislative races in Maine were decided by less than 100 votes, 11 races by less than 50 votes, 7 races by less than 25 votes and one race by less than 5 votes! Your vote really does matter!

To help people make an informed decision about the legislative candidates they will trust to represent them in Augusta, we suggest Googling the candidates' web sites, reading your local newspapers and calling your candidates to chat about issues that are important to you and them.

A call to engage

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