A curious collection of mail carriers

By Benny Huckleberry as told to Liz Hoffmann | May 24, 2019

I am very puzzled by the mail carriers who visit our house to deliver the mail to my human. They all drive up in the same white truck, all wear the same blue uniform, and all do the same basic job. But they all couldn’t be more different.

Take mailman Jordan for example; he’s very intense and serious. At first he was skeptical of me, but my human assured him that he had nothing to fear. Since then he’s grown to love me. He always welcomes me and my German shepherd sister, Ilsa, when we approach and strokes our heads with a gentle hand. We both enjoy that and are always so excited to see him because we get extra love and affection. He delivers the mail with a smile, along with a few quotes from the Bible for my human. Religion is his passion and while I don’t really understand it, I have heard that “GOD” is "dog" spelled backwards and so therefore I’m all for it!

Then, there is another mailman named Dimitri who arrives when it’s Jordan’s day off. Dimitri is from Greece and is very different. Dimitri really likes us a lot and is as cool and calm as the water that I drink from the toilet! Every now and then I will even run at him just to get a reaction! I know it’s bad form, but it’s really fun and sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’ve even upped the ante by barking loudly and showing him my teeth. He doesn’t so much as flinch, but instead just laughs! I got in big trouble with my human when I did that, but Dimitri said that the excitement brightened his day. My human always asks him how he stays so relaxed and he said it’s because he’s Greek, doesn’t take life too seriously, and he “juices.” He’s a big health nut and juices with fresh fruits and vegetables and told my mom all about it. So, I guess just like religion, I’m all for juicing, too!

And finally, there’s the substitute mailman named Carl. He announced to my human that he doesn’t like dogs because “all dogs bite.” I heard him say that through the open window when I was in the house. I was shocked, since I would never bite and from my personal experience, I thought that all mailmen liked dogs. Clearly that’s not the case with Carl, and I feel bad that I can’t show him some love. But he has decided that I am mean and that is that. My human respects his wishes and so we stay in the house on the days that he brings the mail, but it makes me sad. I wish he would give us a chance.

These three men all have the same job, all bring the same level of skill and competence, but they all approach it with a different attitude. Jordan wants to share his knowledge of religion and brings blessings and a head pat. Dimitri wants to share his laid-back approach of “no worries” living and make a case for healthy eating and juicing. And Carl brings his fear and belief that all dogs are biters, refusing to give us a chance. And because of that, all of these men have very different days and realities of delivering the mail. And it’s completely based on their attitude and not the job.

So, I guess what this curious case of the mail carriers reveals is that most often, you will find in life what you bring. Bring love and be open and you will find love more often than not. Bring fear and while you may not exactly find fear, you certainly won’t find love

Sending love to you, my dearest readers, yours, Benny H.

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