A fishy transaction; clothes pins for kindling; new Opera House screen

Mar 25, 2020

March 30, 1871

“WHERE’S TOTMAN?” That’s the inquiry that goes forth from numerous individuals in this city and the region round about. Some weeks ago a nice young man who presented his card as Mr. Eben Totman, dealer in fish and provisions at Quincy, Mass., put in an appearance here, in search of eggs and smelts. He negotiated with Anson E. Durham, Frank Whitmore, Elwell, and others for regular supplies of those commodities, which were duly forwarded by steamer. He also arranged in other localities. In short his appetite for eggs and smelts was enormous. It was soon noticed, however, that there was no corresponding flow of greenbacks in response to the stream of fish and eggs that was sent westward. The dealers couldn’t eggs-actly understand it. The transaction seemed fishy—it smelt of smelts. The dealers have waited, lo! these many days, and there is no satisfactory response to the inquiry—“Where’s Totman?”

P.S. Since the above was put into type, the question has been answered. The police captured him, and he is in jail, charged with swindling. Parties can now tell better where to find Totman than where to look for their eggs and smelts.

The dog population of Belfast is entirely too large. The city government ought to enforce the dog tax.

Lenore J. Pierce will return soon from Boston to Belfast, to continue her business as a Dress and Cloak Maker. Having had extensive practice as a cutter for the firm of Jordan, Marsh & Co., she feels confident that she can please the ladies of Belfast. Thankful for past favors she hopes for a continuance for the coming season.

March 26, 1891

A Belfast man went into a grocery store last week and asked for two or three dozen clothes pins, but found the price so low that he took a whole box, containing five gross. He remarked that what his wife did not want he could use for kindling wood.

March 30, 1911

The management of the Belfast Opera House seems to be keeping abreast of the times. The latest improvement is the installation of a reflector screen. The pictures appear on the screen 100 per cent brighter and clearer than those projected on an ordinary screen.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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