A New Life for an Old Farm

Community Happenings
Prospect Community Center
959 Bangor Rd. Prospect, ME
Jenn Mcveigh
207 567 3170
Sep 09, 2019
7:00 PM
Photo by: Skipfotos Prospect Farms

A New Life for an Old Farm

Alex Liebster, hemp farmer and new owner of the former Hamm Farm (now Prospect Farms) will be the featured speaker at the September 9th meeting of the Prospect Historical Society.

For much of the 20th century the Hamm property in Prospect was home to a large prosperous dairy farm. Ten years ago, the farm was sold and became a sanctuary for retired racehorses. Sadly, during that time the barns and outbuildings suffered significant deterioration and storm damage.  Last year, the farm was purchased by Alex Liebster and everything changed.   Buildings were rescued and rebuilt.  The fields are now plowed and planted and a state-of-the-art irrigation system installed.  A large modern greenhouse stands next to the old farmhouse.   The house completely weatherized and tightened up now stands on a substantial concrete foundation, good for the next 100 years

Hemp is an agricultural product that many people are unfamiliar with.  Mr. Liebster will be discussing its many uses and detailing the workings of his farm.  He will also welcome any questions.

This Meeting is open to the public and will be held at the Prospect Community Center, 959 Bangor Rd. (rte. 1A) September 9th at 7:00 PM.  Call207 567 3170 for more information.