Trekking around city streets

A salute to moms — on run — in Mariner Mother's Day 5K

Early-morning jaunt around city helps mothers, children, families bond on special day
By Ken Waltz | May 14, 2018
Photo by: Ken Waltz Amy Shepard, right, and Josh Scholz on the course during the Mariner Mother's Day 5-kilometer run/walk on May 13 in Rockland.

Rockland — More than 40 people got out of bed on Sunday morning, May 13 and decided to give a salute to mom — by going for a run.

Forty-three people and six supporters were part of the Mariner Mother's Day 5-kilometer run/walk. The event started and ended at Oceanside High School, but included jaunts along Broadway, Park, Main and Maverick streets.

Watch video, and see more photos, below.

Participants ran/jog/walked alone, with groups or as families. Some young mothers — and fathers — even pushed their children along the course in running buggies, a true sign of Mother's Day.

Keith Drago, 30, as he does often in area 3.1-mile races, blistered the relatively flat 3.1-mile course in 17 minutes and 43 seconds to finish first. He outdistanced the field by more than six minutes.

Fred Nehring, 62, finished second at 24:12, while Christine Waldron, 48, was the first female finisher in 26:48, fourth overall.

The event was hosted by Oceanside High School's Class of 2021 parent group. Proceeds benefit the Class of 2021.

For more information on the event, email Trina Johnson at or call 207-975-0165.

The individual Mother's Day 5K results, with place, name, age and time listed, were: 1, Keith Drago, 30, 17:43.1; 2, Fred Nehring, 62, 24:12.6; 3, Ralph Nugent, 48, 25:47.3; 4, Christine Waldron, 48, 26:48.8; 5, JoAnna Schwab, 30, 27:24.8; 6, Roseanne Nugent, 43, 27:43.6; 7, Olivia Hunter, 12, 28:13.3; 8, Matthew Waldron, 18, 29:00.6; 9, Nellie Kavanagh, 28, 29:12.6; 10, Beth Wilkas-Farraco, 45, 29:36.6; 11, Jaimee Watts, 43, 29:46.9; 12, Trish Ibarra, 49, 31:14.0; 13, Susan Young, 51, 31:17.0; 14, Allison Leonard, 45, 31:19.9; 15, Jen Anderson, 35, 31:32.3; 16, Christina Kelly, 36, 31:33.6; 17, Art Warren, 83, 31:39.6; 18, Jennifer Simmons, 57, 32:07.4; 19, Amy Shepard, 32, 34:11.1; 20, Josh Scholz, 40, 34:11.6; 21, Ronin Allyn, 9, 35:17.2; 22, Suzanne Minzy, 39, 35:23.8; 23, Melanie Esancy, 27, 36:48.0; 24, Corey Belcher, 41, 37:22.9; 25, Landon Hunter, 10, 38:02.4; 26, Chelsea Small, 26, 38:04.4; 27, Brian Allen, 61, 38:07.3; 28, Ellen Spring, 65, 38:09.8; 29, Alicia Hunter, 40, 38:16.3; 30, Nina Waldron, 14, 40:01.0; 31, Paul McFarland, 74, 40:03.5; 32, Emma Waldron, 22, 40:06.3; 33, Ryan Curtin, 29, 41:12.5; 34, Molly Staples, 33, 44:14.0; 35, Becky Leonard, 57, 45:33.9; 36, Terry Wilshire, 58, 45:34.3; 37, Juan Alcala, 46, 45:48.2; 38, Jodi Hanson, 43, 46:05.8; 39, Sarah Godfrey, 37, 50:13.9; 40, Karen Godfrey, 60, 50:22.6; 41, Laurie Curtin, 1, 51:13.2; 42, Janice Esancy, 49, 52:04.0; and 43, Marlene Libby, 55, 52:06.2.

Supporters were Adelaide Staples, 5; Sam Staples, 35; Brighele Cardiff, 24; Jonathan Cardiff, 25; Cheryl Johnson, 52; and Eleni Fatolitis, 48.

Mariner Mother's Day 5K
Mariner Mother's Day 5K on May 13 in Rockland. (Video by: Ken Waltz and Zack Miller)
Picture time before the start of the event. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Ronin Allyn, left, and Suzanne Minzy. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Among those pictured before the race are, from left, Keith Dragon, Ralph Nugent, Beth Wilkas-Farraco, Trish Ibarra and Allison Leonard. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Participants at the starting line. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Taking off at the start of the race. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Keith Drago, front, among others, at the start. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Keith Drago all alone on Main Street. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Keith Drago. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Fred Nehring. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Ralph Nuggent. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Olivia Hunter, front, and Christine Waldron. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
JoAnna Schwab. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Roseanne Nugent. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Art Warren. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Beth Wilkas-Farraco. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Nellie Kavanagh. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Jaimee Watts. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Allison Leonard (1250), Susan Young (1253) and Trish Ibarra. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Jen Anderson, left, and Christina Kelly. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Jen Anderson, left, and Christina Kelly. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Ronin Allyn. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Children enjoy the ride around the course. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Suzanne Minzy. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Corey Belcher. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Ellen Spring. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Landon Hunter. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Brian Allen. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Chelsea Small. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Emma Waldron, left, and Nina Waldron. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Ryan Curtin. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Paul McFarland. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Molly Staples. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Matt Waldron. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
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