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Aid freely offered but too late, human skull found, Freedom Academy's 102nd year

Sep 11, 2017

Sept. 8, 1848

A Card: The sufferers by the late fire at Castine, respectfully tender their thanks to the citizens of Belfast who hastened to their relief. Although the aid so freely offered arrived too late, yet the generous spirit which prompted it will ever be held in grateful remembrance.

Sept. 13, 1867

Of the original pew-holders in the Unitarian meeting-house in this city, in 1818, only two survive, R. C. Johnson and Salathiel Nickerson.

A New Press. The demands of our large and increasing circulation have made it necessary that we should have a better and faster press. Last week we contracted with Messrs Hoe & Co. to build for us a machine that will print the Journal more rapidly. We shall get it running in five or six weeks. The Guernsey press which we are now using is offered for sale.

Sept. 4, 1868

A letter from the town of Penobscot that silver ore has been found on the farm of Reuben Curtis, in that town. We didn’t discover any specimen of the metal in the letter.

There is something of a drought being experienced in this region. The ground is very dry, and many wells and cisterns are failing.

Sept.  11, 1873

Launched - From the yard of C. P. Carter & Co., a two masted schooner of about 200 tons, called the A. W. Ellis, owned by parties in this city and to be commanded by Capt. J. Ferguson. This is one of the vessels that so narrowly escaped being burnt upon the stocks on the 24th of last month.

People should be careful about leaving coats, whips, robes, &c., in carriages left in the evening in our streets. Gangs of sneak thieves hang about for the purpose of stealing, and many wagons have been robbed recently.

Sept. 8, 1881

Some excitement was caused on the east side a few days ago by the finding of a human skull on the margin of the mill stream. An examination shew that the skull had been in the hands of some medical student, as the upper portion had been removed by a saw. It was probably left there by a student of dentistry residing in the neighborhood, who brought it from Philadelphia. The skull was buried.

Sept. 9, 1909

David E. Bird of this city went to Denver, Colorado, a few weeks ago to visit his son, who he had not seen for sixteen years. He intended to remain a year and probably to make Denver his permanent residence, but the altitude did not agree with him, he missed the sea and the sight of our bay, and was so homesick that he returned last week to spend the remainder of his days in Maine.

Searsport: Master carpenter James Freeman of Winterport, with a crew of men, began work last week on the new building on the Eastern Steamship company’s wharf. The building is to be 75 feet long by 35 feet wide and will contain an office with steel ceiling, a toilet room, baggage room and freight department. A cupola will be built over the slip similar to the one on the wharf at Winterport.

Nearly all the members of the Belfast High School, class of ’09, enjoyed a clam bake and corn roast at Beaver’s Tail, near the upper bridge, last Monday evening. It was their first gathering since graduation in June.

Sept. 9, 1937

Freedom Academy began its 102nd year on Tuesday, September 7, with the following teachers: Clayton A. Storer, B.S., Maine, Principal, Mathematics and Science; John Fletcher, A. B., Colby, English and History; Lona Denton, A. B., Bates, French and Latin; Floyd Elwell, B. S., Maine, Agriculture. Freedom Academy offers to the boys and girls in this locality thorough preparation for college or for life.

Sept. 14, 1967

Playing at the Belfast Drive-In Theatre: Otto Preminger presents Michael Caine, Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Diahann Carroll, Robert Hooks, Faye Dunaway and Burgess Meredith in Hurry Sundown.

Sept. 14, 1995

Herb and Phyllis Schartner opened up their apple orchard in Thorndike on Saturday. Despite the cool fall temps and threat of rain, several apple lovers took advantage of the day by riding in the horse-drawn cart and picking McIntosh and Golden Delicious and other favorites fresh from the tree.

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