All You Can Eat, Delicious, Homemade and Mouth Watering Food At Benefit Supper!

By Aldersgate United Methodist Church | May 16, 2014
Courtesy of: Aldersgate UMC Let's make the second year as successful as the last!


Aldersgate United Methodist Church is pleased to partner with the Pope Memorial Animal Shelter of Knox County on May 25th to care for the animals that we as human beings received as a sacred trust by the Lord, upon creation.

The comfort and companionship that comes with the gift of these creatures requires responsibility. When we take them from their natural habitat and create dependency, we must be faithful in our caregiving. Animals of all kinds make our lives much richer in every way possible.

Unfortunately, often times providing support for pets that are “between homes” is costly.

The Church sees its support for the Shelter as a way to enrich the lives of all who seek animal companionship.

Your gift of $7.50 (per meal), will not only be appreciated by the Pope Memorial Shelter (and of course by its OCCUPANTS), but will also present you with the opportunity to play one of the most important roles in our caregiving to all God’s creatures by continuing to be faithful.

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Posted by: Marjorie Feldpausch | May 16, 2014 17:09

Care to share when and where?

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