America VS Russia – This Could BE World War 3

By Chaudhary Khalid Rafiq | Aug 08, 2017

Antelope — Battle lines are being drawn between the US and Russia over North Korea vs South Korea, China vs Japan and natural resources which could start World War 3.


The battle lines are continually being drawn and re drawn in the fight for dominance between Russia and the United States of America. The two Cold War rivals who were instrumental in the destruction of Nazi Germany are headed towards a fully blown war according to news establishments like MSNBC Live and CNBC Live.

There are tensions between the two countries over the Korean debacle, which has seen America provide South Korea with arms and anti-missile weapons after North Korea’s defiant test of long-range missiles again. North Korea is the Communist Brother of Capitalism embracing South Korea and as the two names suggest these two places were once a single territory ruled by Japan before the Second World War.

The struggle between America and Russia now not only plays itself out as the old Communism versus Capitalism struggle, which has seen various battles that have never truly lead to a fully blown war after World War 2. This including the Cuban Missile Crises and the Bay of the Pigs among many others. The war now is also a war about the remaining and limited natural resources of the world, according to local Fox News reports.

America is one of the largest consumers of the world’s resources according to MSNBC News Live and securing resources that have fuelled the American economy is imperative for the survival and continued dominance of the US.

There are also simmering tensions between China and Japan over the South China sea and American President Donald Trump will want to stand on the side of American allied Japan in the impasse. With neither side backing down in a show of force, which resulted in China moving a war ship into the disputed waters according to cnn streaming and CNN stream services, America is expected to send a strong signal of support, with Donald Trump having previously stated that the United States will stand with all of its allies.

Russia can be expected to do the same and as such provide the context for a possible war against the two great nations. A Fox News streaming service has however reported on the uncomfortably close relationship between senior Russian officials, businessmen and the American president.

This precipitated in the investigation into the president and allegations that he used the Russians in order to help him when the presidential race against then presidential rival Hilary Clinton. This, it is hoped is a sign of warming relations between the two countries according to CNN Live.

It is doubtful however, the war for resources and economical and military dominance is on the basis on which these two countries have stood since World War 2. This is unlikely to stop because the former businessman turned politician Donald Trump used Russian money to grow his business empire.



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