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An able and experienced teacher, a coat of paint for Masonic Temple, U. S. O. campaign over the top

Oct 02, 2017

Oct. 3, 1839

Belfast Academy: The fall term of this school will commence on Thursday, the 26th inst under the direction of Mr. Merrill, the former preceptor, aided by such assistants, either male or female, as the conditions of the school may require. The services of an able and experienced teacher are conditionally engaged who if the patronage shall warrant such a step, will devote his whole attention to the interests of the school, and thereby enable the principal to spend more time with some of the higher and more important branches. Under such an arrangement, the course of study will be materially enlarged and several new and very interesting branches in Natural, as well as Mental and Moral science will be introduced.

Sept. 28, 1855

Entertainments – Our citizens are soon to be favored with a concert by the Mendelssohn Quintette Club, of Boston. Mrs. Wentworth will also be accompanied by the Club. These artists have been for years associated together as musicians, and we doubt if any similar association in the country can take the precedence of them.

Sept. 30, 1886

Masonic Temple is receiving a coat of paint on the outside. It has not been painted since the scorching in the American House fire last year.

Complaint is made that the engineer on Sullivan's train does not blow his whistle long enough when approaching the crossing at the upper bridge when it leaves the city bound up the road. The crossing is under a hill and at the end of a sharp curve, and is therefore very dangerous.

Oct. 1, 1942

Waldo County to Go Over the Top in U. S. O. Campaign: The Pine Tree Progress, issued in the interest of the Maine U. S. O. Campaign, has the following in regard to Waldo County in its issue of Sept. 23: Waldo County has practically completed its grand drive and County Chairman, Marion E. Brown, states that his county is really to go well over the top as soon as final reports come in from towns not yet heard from. Waldo County has done a great job of raising funds for U. S. O. while meeting its full responsibility for servicing Uncle Sam's boys in the armed forces.

Mrs. Gladys Ruben is opening her school of dancing with classes in ballet, tap, toe, acrobatic and ballroom, also reducing classes for adults.


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