Ananur Forma talking about the astrology for September 15-30,  2012 this has been updated as of September 25th

By ananur forma | Sep 14, 2012

  We're well into September and it seems to be moving faster than any month in the history of the world. So much going on.

 Lack of jobs is noticable. One comes along and "everybody" applies. The statistics of unemployment are obviously not accurate. I did hear a program on the radio talking about this by someone who is the CEO of a big statistic corporartion (Gallup Poll) saying the numbers are NOT accurate and it's more like 18% of the people of the USA are out of work.  

Also there's plenty of  people who are unable to pay rent, where do they go when they have to leave the apt. they were renting? Do they leave the state or sleep in a friend's basement? A friend of mine asked me a few months ago if he could hang his hammock in my basement because he couldn't find a place to live that he could afford. YIKES! 

Health insurance is another issue. I've been doing alot of research on this to find if there is a way for those of us who are self employed to ban together and get group insurance, or if we can get added on to a family member's insurance policy? Why the heck not?  What a racket they got going. Or the other idea, which I love and am actually focusing on is to get insurance options for all the members of the Good Tern Co-op and Belfast Co-op and all the health food co-ops in Maine to ban together and form an alliance strong in numbers stating clearly what we want. Most of us prefer alternative forms of healing and preventative health, not just medical coverage, we want more options to choose from.  Hey. why not ? This is suposed to be a democracy we live in. used to be or seemed to be.  Or so I thought. Gee... I guess I'm a bit naive.

onward bound...

September 15 the New Moon takes place at 10:10 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 23  degrees of Virgo bringing your attention to health, prevention, nutrition and learning alternative methods of retaining your health. I believe that there will be announcements made about cures that are simple and inexpensive as well. Moving in the direction of taking responsibility for one’s own health may not be as complicated as we’ve previously believed.

        September 15-29 Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are at it again. They’re in a precise 90 degree confrontational aspect stirring up violence and disruption where there is inequality and repression. The percolating inner rage for change is strong. It cannot be denied.  Interesting that there will be a talk at the UN today with Obama there to decide what to do about the ereuptive energies at the embassies. I say, get to the cause and understand it, first. have some discussions, don't just deal with the leaders who cannot control their people and do not know what it's like to live under a repressive governance. This aspect is with us until 2016 with differing degrees of intensity at different times. For example: right now Pluto is at 6 degrees of Capricorn and Uranus is at 6 degrees of Aries, until mid October. Then Uranus retrogrades back to 4 degrees of Aries and Pluto moves forward to 9 degrees of Capricorn. Uranus catches up with Pluto as it moves at a faster ratee. That will be when the disruptive energies are strong again: starting end of April 2013-end of June 2013. then again from October 2013-end of November 2013. and so forth. The energy is similar to what Uranus and Pluto were doing in the mid-late 60's.

        September 16 today Mars is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter which bestows energy galore. Try not to get scattered. On this day Mercury will enter into Libra remaining in this rational air sign until October 5th. This is a fine time for mediations to take place between those who have previously been unable to agree.

        September 16-17 Mercury is aspecting both Neptune and Mars awkwardly indicating conflicts which arise when we don’t listen attentively to each other.

        September 18 Pluto turns direct having been retrograde since April 10, of this year. More information will become public knowledge of the manipulations that go on behind the scenes in world politics.

        September 18-20 Mercury is aspecting both Pluto and Uranus. Information in the media cannot be trusted. There is a hidden agenda as to why certain information is being withheld, and it’s obvious. The people are speaking out and demanding the truth. Venus is in a positive aspect with Jupiter suggesting that it’s time for a party in order to let off steam and release you from serious concerns.

        September 20 the Sun is in a favorable aspect with Saturn which is great for concentration, focusing, organizing, & taking care of details. You've got more patience now.

        September 22 the Sun enters into Libra at  10:49 a.m. also known as the autumn equinox when there is equality between day and night. With the Sun in Libra we’re wondering about laws and what we can do to get the politicians to stick to there promises after Voting Day comes and goes. The Sun remains in Libra until October 22. Oh by the way, did you know that on voting day this November, Mercury will be retorgrade! That means more screw-ups with counting the votes, etc. etc. etc. The last time this occurred was when Gore and Bush ran against each other and I remember only too well that it took about 15 days to figure out who won and I don't think it was done ........ah, what's the word I want?  "correctly" I'm being diplomatic, I'm a Libra. It's not what I really what want to say, you get it. You know.

        September 22-23 the Sun is in a challenging aspect with Neptune. Take good care of your health and get plenty of rest. Your immune system needs your support and attention. You're probably feeling tired. This is a good day for doing absolutely nothing productive. YES! Relax. You may be a bit spacey today, as well.

        September 24-26 good news! Mercury is in a positive aspect to Jupiter bringing out information we can trust. Your sense of humor has returned and your life seems to be more interesting which is due to a shift you’ve made in your thinking, plus an opportunity that is appealing to you has just come along. Go for it. Those affected most personally would be anyone who was born between June 6-8 of any year, or anyone who was born with Jupiter at 16 degrees of Gemini. those folks were born: August 1941-end of April 1942, & July 1953, January  1954-end of February 1954, end of June 1965 - mid July 1965,  June 1977, late May 1989 - mid June 1989. Jupiter has a 12 year cycle. Hope this makes sense and is helpful. Anayone born with Jupiter in Gemini (these dates) would be experiencing "a Jupiter return" happens every 12 years and is very very fortunate!! Brings about opportunities for expanision. usually good financially.

        September 25-27 Venus in Leo is harshly aspecting Mars in Scorpio demanding that life unfold a certain way according to your belief of what is right and wrong. This attitude can stir up clashes with your teenager. Sexual energies heat up and hormonal mood swings are present. The old approach of punishment does not work. You want a new way to deal with your teen which is respectful, yet firm. This aspect is known astrologically by astrologers as increasing sexual addicitons and food addictions. Very hard to control or contain at this point. Ask for help go to 12 step meetings. A friend of mine used to put duct tape over her mouth to stop the urge to over eat.  This is a time when the inner conflict is so strong that your rational mind can't seem to stop the desire and temptation  "to do whatever I want no matter what." It could be a major problem for anyone who is in an abusive relationship. This would be a good time to vanish, disappear, take a bus trip far away,  simply.......get out of there!!!!

        September 26-29 is an eruptive phase with the Sun harshly aspecting both Uranus and Pluto. I'm  very concerned about what might take place during this time frame. Then comes the Full Moon tomorrow..........with Uranus and Pluto dominating.

        September 29 the Full Moon takes place at 11:20 p.m. with the Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus opposite the Sun in Libra, and the Full Moon is aspecting Pluto. Finding a balance between freedom to be yourself and the need to be in relationship is a challenge, but even more than that unexpected circumstances are likely to throw us off balance for awhile.

        September 30 Venus is in a positive aspect with Saturn. Those you rely on have continually proven themselves to be friends for life. The energies start...... to calm down


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