Apprentice episode: Little Rocket Man  v. The Dotard

By patrick quinn | Jun 13, 2018

This is the best episode of the Apprentice yet, I think that now, I am getting hooked on the show. Donald Trump takes his show to Singapore, gets them to foot the tab, for the advertising, and does a taping with Kim Jong un, deux, trois, a rising star on the Apprentice. I think the boy has possibilities and Donald is going to mold him in his own image. This boy is going to succeed big time.

So here is what Donald says to him: "Come here my little rocket man, let me show you what a true deal looks like.  By the way I brought us a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken, maybe you'd like to eat and talk, lets eat and talk, let's talk.  Where was I, right; you have the best, most beautiful, beach front property in all of this coastline, maybe the best in the world; you got like, a million miles here and NONE of it is developed, it's a gold mine, this is HUge.  I can help you to build a Miami Beach here, I'm talkin' top shelf. And you would be kingpin of a mighty country, you'd be the mighty little rocket man.  People, important people, lots of rich people, would flock here to the hotels, to see you, a star, did I mention that I build hotels, I'm only kidding, or am I. You could make the cover of The Enquirer magazine, they are gunna love you; YOU are a Star! Come here, let me kiss your chubby little face, you big star you.  So forget about the guns and bombs and missals, there's no money in it for you, it will just blow up your beaches, thaaat is bad for business, bad, very bad.  I'm not in the guns business, I'm in the beach development business, did I mention that, I build hotels."!

I can hardly wait for the next episode, bombs for beaches, forget about the guns and have a beach party, I'm in.

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