Are You the Caregiver of a Parent or Loved One?

Do you know that The Residence at Tall Pines offers an excellent Daycare Program for Older Adults? The following is an excerpt from Senior's List, an online newsletter dedicated to senior citizens.

By Will Robbins

Adult day care centers are similar in concept to day care for children; but they are staffed with people trained to assist with the special needs of the elderly. Each day care center may have its limitations on how much and what kind of adult day care it provides, so those considering them as options should find out in advance if they offer appropriate solutions for their family members' needs.

Most adult day care centers will provide meals, recreation, social interaction, and even some health care--they will give medication to an elderly person if the family provides it, for instance. Some adult day care centers are even equipped to care for clients in need of physical therapy, and nursing, those suffering from more serious medical conditions including Alzheimer's diseases and senility.

By providing a safe, caring and professionally staffed environment in which an elderly family member can be placed for a day, adult day care services allow the rest of the family time to rest and attend to their other responsibilities without worrying. Most adult day care facilities offer their services for at least several hours each day, and will have therapists, medical staff, and volunteers on site to make sure their clients are well taken care of.

The Residence at Tall Pines is an independently owned retirement community offering both independent and assisted living, an adult day program and outpatient physical therapy. It is proud to be part of the Tall Pines Health Care Community, located on Martin Lane in Belfast. For more information on The Residence or its services, call 207-930-7031.

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