Astrological information: next Full Moon will be on September 8 at  9:38pm (EDT) Moon in Pisces opposite Sun in Virgo.

By ananur forma | Sep 01, 2014

September 2014  by Ananur Forma  calculated for east coast  time zone.


September 1-3 you’re off to a great start with the Sun in Virgo in a beneficial trine (120 degrees apart) aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is my favorite aspect because it increases courage, confidence, and the ability to respond to opportunities presented. Those who will feel this energy most personally are those born: January 2-5, May 2-5, September 4-7, or November 4-7 of any year.

September 1-12 Jupiter is in a challenging aspect to Pluto. Whoa. People in authority positions are trying to pull a fast one over us. Too bad for them we are seeing clearly what they’re up to. More people take to the streets to protest injustice and inequality. The people are speaking up and being heard!

September 1-2 Venus will be in a challenging aspect with Pluto until September 2 at noon. That combination suggests karmic relationships needing work will be igniting anger and jealousy. It’s time to clear up old relationship wounds between the two of you.

September 2 Mercury will enter the air sign of Libra which is known for justice, consideration, thoughtfulness and harmony. When you speak or write you’ll notice the Libra influence coming through. Laws are being corrected at this time because the Libra energy will do what it takes for fairness to prevail. Mercury remains in Libra until September 27, that’s a quick journey. Mercury is NOT going retrograde this month.

September 2 the Sun is in a sunny aspect with Jupiter which brings about humor, playfulness, optimism, enthusiasm, and fun.

September 3 Mercury will be in an awkward aspect with Saturn, known to stir up worry and doubt. Don’t pay it much mind. Literally.

September 5 Venus will be entering Virgo and remain in this earthy sign until September 29th. Harvesting and putting away food from the garden makes sense while Venus is in Virgo. Are you doing it while singing and being organized with your labels? Venus is in an awkward aspect with Uranus indicating that new relationships are fun but not promising if you’re looking for sustainability. Mercury is in an awkward aspect at this time with Neptune which can cause confusion and misunderstandings.

September 7-8 the Sun is in a challenging aspect to Uranus ushering in impatience and rebelliousness. This aspect is with us until September 8th at 10a.m.

September 7-9 Mercury is in a difficult aspect with Pluto which is known to bring about obsessive thinking, which is not always a “bad thing.” It can motivate you to research and learn something which requires tremendous focus.

September 8 the Full Moon takes place at 9:38 p.m. with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. Giving the healing you love within you to another who needs attention will expand your heart and open the receiver to ask you for a favor. While thinking about other’s needs yours fall into place, naturally.

September 8-10 Venus is opposite Neptune until September 10th at 2 p.m. Dreams of the ideal relationship fill your mind and you end up setting yourself up for a disappointment. If you’re in a satisfying relationship then this aspect can help you to use your imagination to create art or music.

September 9-11 the Sun is now in a positive aspect with Saturn which helps to organize, focus attention and complete a project.

September 10-13 Mercury is opposite Uranus until 10a.m. on September 13th. Your mind is sped up and you may regret what comes out if you don’t pull in the reins.

September 12-14 Venus is in a powerfully positive aspect with Pluto which suggests that karmic relationships can heal and thrive with just a little bit of effort.

September 13-14 Mars will be in a difficult aspect with Uranus until noon on September 14. These two planets while in a discordant aspect remain as always, “an accident prone time.”

September 13 Mars enters Sagittarius until October 26. Your desire for freedom and spontaneity just got raised up a notch. Taking an adventurous vacation or an impromptu trip is just what you need. Even if you just go away for a day, you’ll feel better. You’re fed up with your routine.

September 17 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Uranus which is known to bring about a sudden shift in a relationship.     Ananur Forma, Rockland Maine


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