Astrologically there's plenty going on right now. April 2014. Lunar Eclipse (full moon) to take place April 15.

By ananur forma | Apr 01, 2014

April 2014 by Ananur

here's the scoop:

Astrology for half of the month of April 2014 Calculated for eastern  time zone


Mercury is not retrograde, and with the Sun in Aries we are heading in forward motion.  The forward motion will be rocky and filled with unexpected conflicts. This is the month to amp up your spiritual practice. There will be a lunar eclipse (Full Moon) on April 15 and a solar eclipse (New Moon) on April 29.


April 1 the Sun and Uranus are in a challenging aspect to Jupiter. If you’re involved in some sort of financial speculation: be careful. This aspect suggests problems.

This is not a good day for making important decisions regarding your finances. Mars is in an awkward aspect with Neptune reminding you to pay attention. Don’t space out. Get rest if you need it. Don’t push yourself to do more than you can. Venus is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter which is about fundraising, having fun, celebrating, yet can be a bummer to your physical body if you overindulge. Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Mars which speeds up the nervous system.



April 1-3 the Sun is in a challenging aspect with Pluto and Uranus setting off rebellion and upheaval. Those in power who rule without respect for the people will be challenged. Those in power will be reminded that they are supposed to represent us.


April 2 Venus is in a challenging aspect to both Uranus and Pluto. Relationships are being tested and those that are shaky will probably not have longevity. This aspect usually brings out jealousy.


April 5 Venus enters romantic, idealistic Pisces and remains here until May 3.

Piscean born individuals will be happy to know that this is an incredibly creative time for them. We’re all invited during this phase to open to ourselves to thinking of what others need, and how we can be more helpful.


April 6-8 the Sun in Aries is now opposite Mars in Libra. Whoa. Slow down. This is a time when anger bursts forth and patience is non-existent.


April 8-30 Jupiter in Cancer is in a harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto. The economy is having bigger problems which had not been anticipated.


April 9-11 Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is an ideal time for a spiritual retreat where music and sacred sounding is experienced. Eben Alexander, who wrote, “Proof of Heaven,” about his NDE (near death experience) mentions in his book the importance of sacred sounds, of which he was very aware during his NDE.


April 10-11 Mercury is aspecting Saturn and Neptune. Focused study through thoughtful ritual to enhance your spiritual inner connection is what is called for with these aspects. The Sun is in an awkward aspect with Neptune which can bring about misunderstandings and low physical energy.


April 12-14 there will be more uprisings and upheaval due to aspects from Mercury to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Actually Mercury is conjunct Uranus making this mixture of aspects very intense. The desire for change and is felt globally. People seem to be more outspoken with visions of what needs to happen for future correction of an imbalance in power and wealth. Once again where there are dictators there will be problems. Those living under a dictator are going to be taking action. This has been a theme for the last 3 years with Uranus and Pluto in aspect to each other, since 2011.


April 14-25 Mars is now in a difficult aspect to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

This is a very challenging time for all of us. Many are angry. Try not to get caught up in the anger it will only add to it. Changes will come from this time period.


April 14-16 the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) is being felt and your mood could be shaky and unstable. Mercury in Aries is in an “opposition aspect,” to Mars, which is always about arguments and conflict. Speaking out and not really listening to others is part of the problem. Not even being willing to hear the other does not help. Mediation would be ideal. Minds are quickened and words come out fast which cause more trouble.


April 15 the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) takes places at precisely 3:43 a.m. at the same time that there is a grand cross going on. “A grand cross,” consists of  4 or more planets in challenging aspects to each other which at this time includes: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. This suggests more conflict to be dealt with. What is called for is deep inner peace in order to see clearly and know that out of all the chaos will come the birthing of something new and better. This is when meditation is most helpful.


April 15-18 Venus is making some very fine aspects to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Taking action because love is motivating you is what feels correct to you. It’s helpful to know that these fine aspects are taking place at the same time as the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon). There’s hope for a positive outcome.


April 18 is one of those days that you would do better by just turning over and going back to sleep. Mercury is awkwardly aspecting Saturn and Neptune suggesting criticism and a serious outlook aid in creating a downward spiral mentally. Also Venus is awkwardly aspecting Mars. Making it hard to compromise or give a little bit more for the sake of harmony.

Ananur lives in Rockland and has been involved with Astrological studies, research, teaching, radio programs, and workshops since 1973. Her focus is one on one personal, private readings.






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