Astrology for January 14 - 31, 2013 issues of jealousy need to be resolved. Trust intuition and share your idealistic visions.

By ananur forma | Jan 14, 2013

January 14-16 Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn intensifying your emotions and stirring up issues of jealousy and possessiveness. It would be helpful to get to the origin of your deep deep feelings in order to heal from the root cause. Then you won't get stimulated again every time a particular aspect comes up planetarily that has to do with jealousy. I think it has to do with needing more attention and affection.

January 15-17 the Sun is conjunct Mercury, which isn’t all that unusual seeing how Mercury always sticks pretty close to the Sun. Astrologically it can make us more ego-centered with big ideas, some of them good ones! Venus is nicely aspecting Saturn offering stability and a sense of security to relationships. Those friends who have been reliable in the past prove to be strong support for you when you need them, which is a huge comfort to know you're not alone.

January 19 Mercury enters humanitarian Aquarius, remaining here until February 5. Also the Sun will be entering Aquarius today at 4:52 p.m. We tend to be more group oriented and concerned about the suffering taking place in the world and close by. Mercury is nicely aspecting Neptune ushering in ideas and insights that may make a difference. Your thoughts are more high minded than self centered.

January 19-20 Mars is in an uncomfortable aspect with Uranus, always a concern because accidents are associated with difficult aspects between Mars and Uranus. Be careful and extremely alert while driving.The Sun is however in a positive aspect with Neptune. This aspect offers Divine protection. It could be a time of “close calls.” You don’t need to take foolish risks just to prove that you are being “protected.” Also try not to space out while driving.

January 20-22 Mercury is aspecting Jupiter and Uranus nicely which should expand your awareness and bring you in touch with your intuition. It's a good aspect for writing or teaching. Your mind is sharp and clear.

January 22-24 the Sun in Aquarius is in a positive aspect with Uranus. This is especially good because Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius, so it’s comfortable here. Your innovative genius is waking up and wants to be expressed in your own unique way. Go with your intuition and take some risks. Don’t let your logical mind stop you because it seems sensible. Think progressively, for the good of all.

January 23-25 the Sun is not only in a positive aspect with Uranus, since yesterday, now it’s also in a positive aspect with Jupiter. Anyone who was born between January 25-28, May 26-29, September 27-30 of any year, will find they’re in forward momentum with the doors to opportunity wide open. For the rest of us the benefits of these aspects are clear mind, realizations, future plans being made, and in general feeling upbeat.

January 24 Mercury is harshly aspecting Saturn while in a positive aspect with Pluto. That which you’ve been worrying about can be put aside for bigger ideas which will help remedy the problem that has been a big concern for you.


January 25 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter. Be aware that this aspect always stimulates the desire to overeat, indulge in alcohol and/or drugs. It’s always a fun time when being with others feels good and you want to fit in and gain friend’s approval. Being comfortable is the goal. You‘re probably feeling more affectionate.

January 26 Mars is in a challenging aspect with Pluto causing agitation and frustration with circumstances which feel, “ all wrong,”  to you. How can you find a solution if you stay stuck in anger? Relax and let the answer come. Try not to act out of anger. You want what you want; your way. Some conflicts will arise.

January 26 the Full Moon takes place at 11:38 p.m. with the Moon at 7 degrees of Leo and the Sun at 7 degrees of Aquarius. Fortunately for all of us this Full Moon is in positive aspects with Jupiter and Uranus. This Full Moon offers us the ability to see ahead into the future to discover what we need to do in order to create a future which we can feel proud of. I believe this has to do with Congress being able to work together for the good of all. I hope so.

January 29 the Sun will be in a positive aspect with Pluto which is always a hopeful aspect for overcoming human shortcomings. This aspect brings about inner strength stemming from our Divine Source.

January 30 Jupiter will turn direct after being in retrograde motion since October 4, 2012. Jupiter will now remain in direct motion until November 7, 2013 that gives us a chance to move forward with our ideas and overcome the obstacles which have held us back for too long. You probably feel like traveling about now. Sometimes, I’ve found that travel DVD’s help cure that longing for me, if there’s no money to travel.

January 31-February 1 Venus in Aquarius is nicely aspecting Mars which is now in Pisces. It’s a minor aspect, and it is positive. Getting along with others and enjoying your time together adds a positive note to the Divine Symphony of which we are all included in. Actually this is a fine time for group chanting and toning which is an immediate way to shift your energy and send out positive vibrations… to all.


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