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By ananur forma | Jun 09, 2012

        Just read what I wrote in the Free Press ( ) for today Saturday, June 9. I wrote it last week on Sunday June 3rd. What I said was that "there's something shocking in the news." Just now I googled CNN News.... to see if there is anything "Shocking," in the news. Guess what the heading says? "10 Shocking medical mistakes."  whoa, I don't even want to read that one. do you? ugh. like what they left a pair of scissors  in someone's tummy?  Yes, that would be shocking.

  June 9-11 Mercury will be in challenging aspects to Uranus and Pluto suggesting problems with information getting through and... is it true or not? Abortion issue in frontal position again.

            June 11 is an important day…Jupiter enters Gemini, at 1:22. p.m. until June 27, 2013. I am happy for our Gemini friends who benefit from this position. Their minds are clear, they’re funnier than usual, and their finances will improve. The other 2 air signs should have good results from Jupiter in Gemini, too. Libra & Aquarius people. The only problem with Jupiter in Gemini (for a year) is that it is too easy to get scattered and distracted and spread out with too many interests and too many things going on at once. We need balance, us humans, time to rest and relax as our Taurus friends try to instill in us. That's why some people smoke, to relax. too bad it's such an awful habit. I can't tolerate the smell, especially if I've just washed my hair, I don't want the smell of smoke getting absorbed into my hair, which happens. yuck. Why do smokers always stand right at the doorway to the restaurant, how the heck am I suposed to get in...or out of there? no fair. Sorry smokers, I love you, but that habit of your's makes me sick, sometimes I even get a headache from the smell. So, I was talking about relaxing and now I've made myself agitated. I did that. I can let it go, too.

            June 11-13 the Sun will be in a positive aspect with Saturn which is perfect for organizing and getting things done. Cleaning is more fun with music playing. Mowing is not so bad when the Sun and Saturn are in a fine aspect, which they are now. In fact mowing is good exercise if you're not riding. My husband and I used to mow 30 lawns a week in Tenants Harbor/Port Clyde. I loved it because we got to be together. Our dog, Dylan, would come too. That's a long time ago, now. great exercise. had to drink lots of water. have you tried alkalized water? wow, that tastes so good and is so good for the physical body. centrifigal force spin is important for filtering water to get the benefits from it. drinking out of plastic bottles is not healthy. The more thin the plastic the more carcinogenic. Yes. it's true so sorry to tell you. We've got to take responsibility for ourselves and not rely on others or corporations to make choices for us. Think. Jupiter in Gemini wants us to think for ourselves. The corporations and advertisers are doing their jobs making money, their number one goal is not your health. it is making a lot of money and owning 3 houses and fancy cars. ok?   got it now?  I know........ you already knew be careful what you buy.

            June 15 Mercury is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter making your mind faster than usual and possibly scattered trying to do too much. hear me on this one, it's true.

            June 16-17 Mercury will be in a challenging aspect to Neptune known for confusion and misunderstandings. yes, don't sign a legal document during these 2 days. You need more information, do more research, and don't give up no matter what.

            June 18-20 Venus will be favorably aspecting Uranus - sexual romantic attractions come about suddenly and are fun because there are no expectations. Cam you stick with this approach? Maybe... maybe not? Mercury will be harshly aspecting Saturn known to stimulate worrying thoughts which includes guilt and doubt. You're in a serious mood.

            June 19 the New Moon takes place at 11:02 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 28 degrees of Gemini in positive aspects with Neptune and Saturn. Not the time for making quick decisions, but to deeply ponder and also to trust the meditative process as well, to find the correct path forward. Most important is to be at a peaceful place within. This month ahead is about clarity. You know when you know. The,  “I don’t know space,” is always a place pregnant with potential.

            June 19-20 Mars will be in a positive aspect with Saturn which is good for concentration and being productive. Also during this time Venus will be awkwardly aspecting Pluto, has to do with working out old love relationship patterns which bring about the same lessons.

            June 19-21 Mercury will be nicely aspecting Mars finding you outspoken and quick with comebacks. Those who love to write will be pleased.

            June 20 the Sun enters Cancer, at precisely 7:09 p.m. known as summer solstice. A time of celebration, officially bringing us out of hibernation. Cancer has to do with family, being loyal, patriotic, and somewhat brainwashed… by what society says is acceptable. It’s important to scan your subconscious and sweep it clean of old beliefs picked up during childhood in order to find your own clarity of Selfhood, and… be loyal to That.

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