Astrology w/ Ananur Oct. 1-15, 2012 Jupiter turns retrograde. Saturn enters Scorpio. Uranus still retrograde. Neptune in Pisces.

By ananur forma | Oct 04, 2012

          October 2012 calculated for the east coast time zone by Ananur Forma

just want to say there is no spell check here and I have gone over spelling a few times, however if I've missed something...please forgive me.


October 1-2 Venus is nicely aspecting Saturn deepening your commitment to a relationship or a job. Loyalty and being known as a reliable person is important to you. You’re focused on proving to someone how valuable you are. Guess what? They see it! Your actions show that you are to be trusted. Actually when someone looks deeply into your eyes they see the truth of who you are. Scorpio people know this, for sure.


October 1-3 Venus is opposite Neptune igniting that old idealistic dream of finding and marrying the “perfect person,” and then.... feeling badly that you don’t have that person in your life. You wonder, was it my high school sweetheart? Did I  miss out? Should I try to find him or her on facebook? Then you go into fantasyland and imagine how it could've been. Real life is not like this. People have body odor, and annoying habits, and get gray hair. if you haven't been with someone for years and years you may not find them so attractive to meet them after 35 years apart? Who Knows? Do you love them on a soul level or does the outside appearance make a difference to you? How much money do you need to live comfortably, or doesn't THAT really matter to you, or so you think? To appreciate what you do have and where it could shift and improve would be too sensible. There are good therapists around here. Going to one, as a couple does not mean failure, it means you want to imporve what you've got and stay together and love each other more and more. With Venus opposite Neptune it's almost as if you are drawn to feeling sorry for yourself and needing to indulge yourself in those thoughts. Why is that? Sometimes moaning just feels good. Take a bath in hot water with wonderful lavendar bath oils and let go of everything. Open up to the Divine unfolding mystery which brings to us better surprises than we could've ever thought up. It's somewhat scary to let go of thinking what my life should be could be, however, much more interesting to let it be what it is and breathe in the moment and see what's next, of course not missing any oppotunity that comes along that makes the heart feel thrilled.


October 2 Venus enters Virgo until October 28. A good deal is hard to pass up even though you may own 24 pairs of shoes. Good time for a yard sale, eh? Venus is Virgo is thrifty and loves things that are on sale and can be stocked up for practial purposes. Toilet paper, shoes, matches, paper towels, laundry soap... on sale? I recently thought (again) of taking the rubber tires from the dump (oops fill, excuse me) and creating a shoe factory to bring revenue to the city of Rockland and create jobs. l then I googled, "recycled rubber tires shoes"  and found an incredible thing- shoes made in Ethiopia called, Solerebels. fantastic colors and well made comfortable shoes (I read reviews)  made with recycled rubber tires and organic cottons. wow, the colors are enough to make you drool.  Mercury is in a positive aspect with Mars proving that you have the energy to run in a marathon and amp up your exercise program, plus your mind is going going going.


October 2-4 Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Libra which indicates laws that need to be tended to. This is probably about marriage equality, which needs to be on the ballot and approved of, once and for all.


October 3-5 Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter and Neptune expanding your understanding of what your priorities are and where you want to direct your attention. You can’t possibly fix everything that upsets you in this world.


October 5 Mercury will enter Scorpio and remain here until October 29. You could find yourself fascinated with mysteries and using your mind to figure things out in ways you don’t normally do. Saturn also enters into Scorpio today and will remain here until September 2015. While Saturn is in Scorpio I imagine that sexual diseases will be a major topic of discussion and will curb sexual freedom considerably.


October 5-7 Mars is in a challenging aspect with Neptune which means that there is less physical energy available to you. Take it easy, relax, don't worry about being productive. Be good to yourself and rest and recharge. You're probably feeling tired out, this particular aspect is "famous" for that.


October 5-15 Saturn in Scorpio will be in a super fine aspect with Neptune in Pisces helping you to make your visions and dreams for the future into reality. You can see the practical steps that are necessary. No matter what anyone says you know you can create what you're envisioning, so those nay sayers have no power over you, in fact their doubts only work at strengthening your determination to create something they see as impractical or unrealistic. HA! You can do it, especially if your dream has to do with something that is elavating for humanity and the environment in someway. Nothing can stop you and the planetary energies are with you! Keep thinking about your future vision and how you want it to be ,get into the details of it. Picture it, feel it, sense it, make a "vision board" if that helps you make it more real, by cutting out magazine photos that relate to your future vision.



October 6 Mars changes signs entering into the fiery sign of Sagittarius and remaining in this mutable (flexible always ready to readjust and change if need be) sign until November 16. With Mars in “Sag.” you need adventure and a nice break from routines. Mars is nicely aspecting Saturn helping you with organizing while Mercury is still in a challenging aspect with Neptune making you feel tired and foggy. Both aspects going on the same day. could be spacey yet you're still able to organize yourself   however it demands quite a bit of  "efforting."


October 7-8 the Sun is uncomfortably aspecting Neptune which means your immune system needs some support. Rest and relaxation is recommended. Venus is awkwardly aspecting Uranus finding you feeling rebellious and impatient with those who try to tell you what to do or not to do.


October 7-9 the Sun is in a super positive aspect with Jupiter which could bring some positive ideas for our future prosperity. This is a very good aspect for the economy! Venus is in a super positive aspect with Pluto focusing on bringing out the best in each other furthers the longevity of your personal relationship. Mercury is nicely aspecting Pluto encouraging you to study that which is attracting you to it. Something in the news will be hopeful, positive and lift our moods!



October 9 the Sun will be awkwardly aspecting Mars stirring up conflicts. Don't drive fast or recklessly during this phase. Watch out for other drivers you never know what they will do, especially now. I find this to be a time when I bump into things in my home because I'm going to fast and end up with a black and blue on my toe or arm, and the next day can't remember how I got it because I didnt pay attention to it at the time.


October 12-14 Mars will be in a favorable aspect with Uranus. For those who are inventive: bring it on!


October 12-20 Jupiter will be in a difficult aspect with Saturn challenging the world financially. Over spending is causing us more problems. There will be some disappointing news about the economy.


October 14-16 Venus is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter which usually brings about indulgent behavior. The temptation is too great to deny or so it seems.



October 15 the New Moon will take place at 22 degrees of Libra at 8:03 a.m. Jupiter in Gemini is in a mathematical relationship to the New Moon ushering in promises that do not seem realistic from our candidates. We will see right through it. At this time Mercury will be aspecting both Venus & Jupiter nudging you to write down your thought and goals for the next 29 ½ days.


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