BAHS talks Middle East peace

Nov 08, 2013

On Monday, Oct. 21, the 15th annual Advanced World Geography Middle East Peace Conference was held in Room 207 of Belfast Area High School. After handing in their first formal research essay of the year, answering the question, "What role does your country or organization play in the problems facing the Middle East today?" students came together to tackle the myriad of troubles that currently face the Mideast.

Topics ranged from the recent gas attacks in Syria, dependence on oil, terrorism, to the role the United States should play in the region. Led by teacher Molly Ross, students explored possible solutions and found the complexities of religion, politics and oil leave few clear answers to inhabitants of the Middle East. While once again there were few feasible options put forward, students gained a deeper understanding of the current events they hear on the news each evening.

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Posted by: Stanley A Stalla | Nov 12, 2013 09:15

Like Ms Odell, I too would have appreciated a more in-depth article on the points discussed.  Though a Belfast resident, I've spent the last 35 years in a dozen or more developing countries, including a few in the Middle East.  It's a fascinating region with countless layers of issues and perspectives and players.  When home in Maine for a few weeks, I've also had the opportunity, two or three times, of sharing some of my experiences and perspectives with Ms Ross's students.  It's always a pleasure to interact with interested/interesting people in an academic setting!

Posted by: Dorothy Hiebert Odell | Nov 09, 2013 14:40

Thanks for covering this discussion - I only wish the article had been longer.  Molly Ross is remarkable for her ability to connect with students and to make history interesting and relevant to them.

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