Bayside Cottage Rentals now under new ownership

Mar 04, 2014

Bayside Cottage Rentals, located in Northport, will begin the busy 2014 season under a new owner, Jennika Lundy. Lundy’s prior experience in managing luxury high-rise apartment buildings in Delaware has prepared her to give Bayside Cottages, an already successful rental business, a leg up for the upcoming season.

Lundy, a Maine native, and her husband Jason, moved back to Maine in 2007. As a child, growing up on the coast, she fell in love with Maine and always knew she’d back back to raise her family. Since making the move back, and into her childhood home, she and her husband have had two children, Leo and Liv.

“We have a number of families that have been returning to our unique community for generations because Bayside is a haven with access to Maine's most treasured shoreline,” said Lundy. “Our community provides special memories to many; it would only stand to reason that they would want to share this place with other family and friends.”

Located on the shores of Penobscot Bay, where little has changed since the early 1900’s, historic Bayside Cottages also offers swimming, sailing, kayaking, golf, hiking, bicycling, and yoga. Bayside is 20 minutes to historic Camden, just over an hour's drive to Acadia National Park, and 5 minutes from Belfast.

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Posted by: wellington dunbar | Mar 04, 2014 20:56

The legacy of  Bayside bafflement continues. Bayside Cottages as I read this is capitalized. Upon reading this I would believe that the business of Bayside Cottages offers these amenities as part of their business but they do not. You walk to the dock and you jump in the water. I don't need a rental cottage to allow me to do that. Unless I bring a sailboat, Bayside Cottage rentals does not provide me with access to the water. How come Camden is deemed historic and Belfast is ? Last I knew, Belfast has a history as rich as Camden. Lest we not forget, all sewerage dumped from each and every cottage sharing the uniqueness that is Bayside travels out of a pipe into the Penobscot Bay without treatment. This is the special treatment that allows the uniqueness of the "Bayside" community to endure. Thank you to Bayside with providing the solution of pollution with dilution. The individuals who can best afford a better alternative to the sewerage problem choose to ignore the reality. The Bayside long term residents feel rather content that their latest barely legal attempt at the sewerage problem has been resolved to a later time. Shame should you have children. The people that don't rent their cottages hate those that rent theirs. Economics dictate choices. But anyone who actually gives a shit about their cottage would not rent it. Little has changed since the 1900's? Huh? The automobile, bathing suits, Prohibition, the Big bridge in Belfast, the amount of trees, the steamer ships, outhouses, can we be real? Phony works when you can get away with it.

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