Be thankful

By Dale E. Landrith Sr. | Nov 28, 2019

1 Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!

For His mercy endures forever.

2 Oh, give thanks to the God of gods!

For His mercy endures forever.

3 Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords!

For His mercy endures forever

Psalms 136:1-3

As a country we are very much a divided people. There seems to be very little on which folks agree. However, there seems to be disagreement everywhere; the presidency, foreign policy, immigration, climate change, energy, etc. In the midst of this it is good that we have a time set aside to remember to be thankful just as the above passage from the Psalms instructs us.  Be thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy as a nation.

Be thankful that we can openly worship as we choose. There are many people throughout the world who must hide their religious convictions from government authorities.  Persecution is rampant in these places as their governments recognize that freedom to worship is a threat to authoritarian rule.

As you read this you are experiencing one of the most basic of these freedoms. This news organization and others throughout our land are free to publish as they wish. The fact that they are allowed to express their views does not come from a whim of government, but from the Constitution, which does not allow the government to interfere with that expression. We at Another View are thankful that we are able to be a part of presenting our ideas to folks. Be thankful that those who disagree with our ideas are permitted to voice that disagreement. Their right to disagree is just as important as our right to put forth our ideas.

Be thankful that we as individuals are free to express our thoughts openly. This is a freedom that is under attack as many throughout our nation indicate that we can think or say whatever we want as long as it conforms to their dictates. If freedom of expression dies, so does our nation as we know it.

Be thankful for those individuals from long ago who recognized the importance of expressing the freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights as part of our founding document. These folks endured much hardship so that we as a people would be able to develop into the most prosperous and advanced nation in the history of the world.

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for families to gather and reinforce generational ties and traditions. Be thankful for family. There are many around us who are lonely and without these family ties.

Finally, be thankful for the bounty that we have as a nation. There are those who would seek to make us feel inferior to those who have much more. The poorest among us have much more than most of the rest of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Another View is a Maine Press Association award-winning column written by Midcoast conservative citizens/writers Jan Dolcater, Ken Frederic, Paul Ackerman, Doc Wallace and Dale Landrith Sr.

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Posted by: RALPH WALLACE | Dec 01, 2019 13:53

Well, Dale - you wrote the troll-proof column. Thanks be to God!

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