Beauty & the (sprawl) Beast - saving West Penobscot Bay from rampant development.

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Belfast Free Library
106 High St, Belfast, ME 04915
Ron Huber
Sep 03, 2014
6:30 PM - 7:30 AM
DEP's "Finding of "No Significant Impact" from the Rte 1 sewer extension.
Photo by: R. Crumb Sewer Snoids


On Wednesday September 3, 2014  6:30--7:30 pm join the Friends of Penobscot Bay at the Belfast Free Library's 3rd floor meeting room for a briefing and brainstorm on behalf of Maine's Biggest Bay. (Plus a GAC cleanup status report )
"Beauty & the sprawl Beast - Saving West Penobscot Bay from rampant development. A looming sprawl wave threaten the wooded shores of Rockport Harbor below Beech Hill along west Penobscot Bay. Can its impact to Rockport Harbor be minimized?

AT ISSUE:  It's all one bay.  If Rockport Harbor's coastal forest habitats are replaced by intensive residential & commercial development, it will harm the entire bay.
A great weakness of Maine DEP has been its  reluctance to consider the secondary, indirect and cumulative impacts of development proposal around Penobscot Bay that comes before it.
As a result, the agency  has no concept of a carrying capacity for Penobscot Bay's coastal environments, neither for forests nor the coastal wetlands nourished by them. Now more than ever, it is important for the state to follow the requirements of Maine's Site Location of Development law.
Why? Because ecologically terrifying sprawl plans are  very likely now in the works along this southerly stretch of the Rockport coast.  Sewer lines extending into this area presently served by individual septic fields  will allow development within  into the nearly unbroken natural Maine coastal forests on both sides of Route One between the Beech Hill Preserve and Rockport Harbor

What? Unless  citizens  and their planning and zoning boards stand in the way, an infestation of big box stores, big box hotels, condos, mcmansions and gated subdivisions galore could well flatten those beautifully recovered forests.

"This will  replace the sweet runoff that is the forest's gift to the bay with a deadly spew of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, hot oily parking lot runoff, and more." said Ron Huber executive director of Friends of Penobscot Bay.

Combine that switch with the inevitable erosion & wetlands filling that such development projects and the land-clearing logging that the streams and tiny brooks that thread these woods. What do you end up with? A sterilized Rockport Harbor, its waters empty of fish and shellfish, Its world class forested skylines befouled with day and night  with retail and residential development?  Its birds and wildlife only memories?
A bay is a terrible thing to lose. Let's not let them slip loose the Dogs of Sprawl upon the natural southern Rockport coast!

Come to the Belfast Free Library Wednesday September 3, 2014 from   6:30--7:30 pm. Help brainstorm what is to be done to keep West Penobscot Bay's syvlan shores from falling beneath sprawler wannabee bulldozers.

GOT SKILLS? GOT TIME? There are multiple fronts for citizens to be effective. Can you swim with the snorkle cam on?  Analyze aerial and satellite photos? Organize gatherings both of landowners of the Rockport south shore and of all concerned people? Write impassioned speeches and deliver them? Raise money? Spend money? Pore over property records in the Knox County Courthouse? Sample stormwater outfalls for pesticides and other nasties? Glide over the shallows in kayak or boat, towing an underwater movie camera? Take mugshots of Rockport Harbor's fish and shellfish large and small, grinning into FOPB's drop camera?


Come to the Belfast Free Library Wednesday September 3, 2014 from   6:30--7:30 pm. Free and open to all. Help  save our irreplaceable coastal forests, and keep the runoff of development from tainting southern Rockport Harbor.
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