Beaver Ridge Wind completes sound testing

Jan 20, 2014

Patriot Renewables, the operator of Beaver Ridge Wind in Freedom, has completed extensive testing of sound levels at nearby homes, with results that show the project is voluntarily adhering to sound limits that apply to similar wind projects. The sound testing was conducted in November and December at four residences located near the project, and the results were verified by an independent third party consultant.

The tests, which were conducted in conformance with Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations, indicate that sound levels from the project are below sound limits that applied to wind projects regulated by the Department that were built at the same time as Beaver Ridge Wind. The nighttime sound level measured at the nearest meter location, approximately 1,300 feet from the closest turbine, was 43.5 dBA. The nighttime sound limit imposed by the DEP on other projects built at that time is 45 dBA. The nighttime sound levels at the remaining three meter locations, all located more than half a mile from the turbines, were 36.4 dBA, 35.5 dBA, and 29.0 dBA.

“Because Beaver Ridge Wind is a small three-turbine project and was one of the first projects built in Maine, it is not regulated by the Maine DEP," said Tom Carroll, Director of Government and Community Affairs at Patriot Renewables. "That left some people wondering if sound levels from the project exceeded levels that would have been required by DEP on other projects. The results of this comprehensive testing should put that question to rest."

Beaver Ridge Wind is a 4.5 megawatt (MW), 3-turbine wind project located in Freedom. The project was commissioned in November 2008 as the second operational wind farm in Maine and the first in Central Maine Power service territory. Beaver Ridge Wind produces approximately 12,500,000 kilowatt-hours of emission-free electricity each year, enough to power about 2,000 homes.

For more information about Patriot Renewables and Beaver Ridge Wind, visit, or BeaverRidgeWindProject on Facebook.

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