Belfast begins forming RSU 20 withdrawal committee

By Ben Holbrook | Jun 28, 2012

Belfast — After receiving strong support favoring withdrawing from the current RSU 20 during the June 12 primary, City Councilors discussed forming the four-person committee required to prepare an official withdrawal plan.

Belfast, Morrill, Swanville and Northport have all voted in favor of withdrawing from RSU 20 — Searsmont will vote on the issue on July 10, Belmont has yet to set a date to vote on withdrawl. Withdrawal co-organizer Steve Hutchings explained to City Councilors the next steps towards withdrawing.

“A bad law was passed by state government and the state government continues to not help very much,” Hutchings said. “We are facing a future as we look ahead that Frankfort withdraws and joins Hampden and that takes with it about $1 million in state subsidy.”

Belfast will now form the four-person committee comprised of an RSU 20 Board of Directors member, a municipal officer, a member of the petitioners’ group and a member of the general public.

Steve Hutchings said he would serve as a member of the petitioners’ group and City Councilor Eric Sanders volunteered as the municipal officer. Any member of the general public who is interested in serving on the committee is encouraged to call City Manager Joseph Slocum’s office or stop by to fill out an application.

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Posted by: Gene Newton | Jun 29, 2012 09:56

Should be interesting if only a few of these town pass to withdraw and the others don't. 

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