Belfast burglaries cease, police still at loose ends

By Ethan Andrews | Nov 28, 2017
Source: Belfast Police Department Items that went missing last month after a string of burglaries included truck tires, bikes and a paddle board.

Belfast — Police have yet to catch burglars believed to have broken into multiple homes in the residential center of Belfast to steal items earlier this month, but for now, they say, the burglaries have stopped.

The original spree was made public earlier in November. At that time, police said someone had broken into, and stolen from, roughly 10 homes and construction sites inside the bypass. Items that went missing included a set of truck tires, three bikes and a paddle board.

Detective Sgt. Gerald Lincoln speaking Nov. 27 said police have not found the perpetrators and none of the stolen items have been recovered, but new reports of missing things have stopped coming in.

"We're trying to determine what that means," Lincoln said. "It's still under investigation, for sure."

About the time of the Belfast burglaries, Habitat For Humanity of Waldo County reported that appliances and fixtures had been stolen from one of its homes under construction in Searsport. However, police from Searsport and Belfast told The Republican Journal they haven't found any connection between the thefts.

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Posted by: Bradley Williams | Nov 28, 2017 17:29

"Grand Jury Indicts 14" has a list of 14 prime suspects... Isn't it funny that these robberies stopped when Cameron Philbrook and Steve Boyle wind up behind bars? Maybe Philbrook's relative Merl Reed oughtta take his K9 dog out there and see if these missing goods aren't hidden under Jeremy Alex's remains.

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