Belfast Co-op presents a free class: The Power of Food, an informational session on food systems efficiency

Community Happenings
Unitarian Universalist Church of Belfast
37 Miller St, Belfast, ME
Jamie Cermak
Jun 12, 2019
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Photo by: Jamie Cermak

The Belfast Co-op presents a free class taught by Casey Hess, Energy efficiency coordinator : Join AmeriCorps and the Maine Campus Compact’s Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship in an informational session on food systems efficiency.

As we seek alternatives to non-renewable energy, it is important to understand how our current systems operate and are affected by energy use. Energy efficiency applies to our daily lives through the ways we use our homes, travel, and our habits with food. In a society where people can become disconnected to their food, we must rethink our impacts and identify areas of improvement.

Participants will learn about food systems efficiency in its current state. They will learn what behavioral changes they can make in their own homes to improve their energy efficiency as it relates to food. These methods include food choices, packaging, storing, refrigeration, and more.