Belfast in the Civil War: Sanitary conditions

Apr 03, 2014

Local and Legendary: Belfast in the Civil War

April 3, 1863

“The following letter from Mrs. Monroe, of this city, wife of Surgeon Monroe, of the 20th, will be read with interest by those having friends in the army:

Falmouth, Va., March 17, 1863

To the Ladies of the Aid Society: As I have been interested for, and a co-worker with you, I feel that a letter from the ‘Army of the Potomac’ may entertain you, as I shall speak particularly of the sanitary condition here, and tell you, who are so constantly contributing to the comfort of the sick soldier, be of good cheer, for you have done and are still doing great good. The hospitals I have seen are all well arranged, and all comforts the sick could have from home and dear friends, they have here. Bedsteads raised from the ground, mattresses of hair and straw, nice quilts, blankets, pillows and constant changes of under garments, all supplied by the Sanitary Commission.”

March 30, 1893

“About five years ago the U. S. government furnished on a requisition from Thomas H. Marshall Post the last of the gravestones for the soldiers under the original appropriation. These stones have all been set except one, which is marked ‘Franklin N. Patterson, U. S. Navy.’ Some who have been asked about it think he enlisted from Northport. If any friend or relative will give what information they possess about this comrade to the officers of the Post the stone will be promptly set.”

“The girls of the sewing club, under the auspices of the Alliance, are making excellent progress and samples of their work will be sent to the World’s fair. Tuesday afternoon their instructor, Mrs. J. W. Burgess, took the class, numbering twenty-eight, to Tuttle’s and had them photographed.”

April 4, 1946

“Among the licensed stations of radio ‘hams’ in Belfast who are on the air again are Earl White, WI-KNJ; David Morley, WI-MPX; Albert Weymouth, WI-BX; Clayton Hanson, WI-INW, and Arnold Standish, W2-ONP (portable). All are glad to be back on the air again, after being obliged to take down their transmitters because of war restrictions.”

“The first carload of passenger automobiles received by the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad since October, 1941, came down Saturday morning and were unloaded Saturday afternoon. They were consigned to a local dealer, Philip B. Crosby.”

April 1, 1976

Chicken Reelers

“Chicken Reelers are having a box social Saturday April 3, at 8 p.m. at the East Side School. Each lady is to bring a lunch for two, wrapped up real pretty, which will be auctioned of to the hungry men-folk. Ralph Grover will be calling the dancing, and the evening should be lots of fun. Saturday, April 10 there’s a regular dance at the East Side School, Belfast, with guest caller Marshall Wilson. All dancers are welcome.”

Showing at the Colonial Theatre, Waldo County’s Cinema Center: Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette in Walt Disney’s “Blackbeard’s Ghost,” and, back by popular request, “American Graffiti.”

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