Belfast in the Civil War: Soldiers’ Aid Society

Apr 24, 2014

Local and Legendary: Belfast in the Civil War

April 22, 1864


“The annual meeting of the Belfast Soldiers’ Aid Society, will be held at the Vestry of the North Church on Friday, the 26th inst., at 3 o’clock P.M. A general invitation is extended to all who are interested in the cause. Every officer and member of the Society is requested to be present at the hour designated. Mrs. H. H. Johnson, President, Mrs. J. G. Dickerson, Secretary.”

“Old Uncle Welles, it will be remembered, has been boasting of the speed of his new double-ender steamers, and offering races with merchant vessels. Well, he run one of them, the Chenango, in New York harbor, the other day, so fast that she exploded a boiler, killing nineteen of her officers and crew, and scalding as many more of whom a large number will die. That kind of war vessels is more dangerous to friends than enemies. Jeff Davis would like to have a great many of them built.”

April 21, 1898

“There will be a match game of candle pins at the city Bowling Alley this Thursday evening between Camden and Belfast players. The Camden are considered among the best bowlers in the State, but our boys think they can hold them with good play. The admission will be 10 cents. Following are the players: Camden, L. M. Chandler, Arthur Ames, Oscar French, E. D. Crockett, J. W. Thomas; Belfast, F. G. Spinney, W. A. Decrow, J. B. Waterman, George Darby, H. W. Healey.”

Searsport Locals “Herbert Black, who is the noted ox king of Waldo county, has one of the best farms in town and as large a stock of cattle as can be found in Maine. His stock of cattle, sheep, lambs and swine would make a better show than you will see at most town fairs.”

April 26, 1945

“After 25 years of faithful service, Will R. Howard tendered his resignation as one of the trustees of the Belfast Free Library. The Rev. Frederick D. Hayes of the First Church has been appointed to fill the vacancy. Mr. Howard had served with keen interest for the welfare of the library during his long term of office.”

“A handsome 30 inch salmon taken by Austin Jewett, Patriots Day at Swan Lake, and probably the largest caught there this season, aroused much interest among people who saw it on display at Feeney’s Market.”

Playing at the Colonial:

“30 Seconds Over Tokyo” with Spencer Tracy as Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle.

April 26, 1984

Great Pea Contest is Under Way by Toni Mailloux

“Who has the earliest home-grown peas in Waldo County? Right now the undisputed champion is Linwood Withee of Troy. In 1982, he won the first annual GREAT PEA CONTEST with a mess of them on June 27. In 1983, he again won a salmon to go with his peas on June 23 as the winner of the second annual contest. But there are plenty of Waldo County gardeners ready to challenge Withee in the third annual GREAT PEA CONTEST. While none of the challengers would turn down the first prize of a whole salmon to go with those first peas, the biggest incentive seems to be the honor of having produced the first mess in the county.

“When the Belfast Rotary club heard area Girl Scouts were having trouble selling their cookies because of the needle scare, they began selling “invisible” cookies to help out. Club president Mark Riposta and member John Bullard, who thought up the idea, presented cookie drive chairman Ruth Holmes and several of her scouts with a $125 check last week. And there’s more on the way.”

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