Belfast in the Civil War: Soldiers’ Aid Society

May 20, 2014

Local and Legendary: Belfast in the Civil War

May 20, 1864

“The third annual meeting of the Belfast Soldiers’ Aid Society was held at the vestry of the North Church, on Friday. The ladies of the Society have met regularly once in two weeks during the entire year, for the purpose of preparing and distributing work. During this time the following articles have been manufactured gratuitously by members of the Society and others: 256 cotton shirts, 9 undershirts, 114 pairs cotton drawers, 107 pairs cotton flannel drawers, 43 sheets, 73 towels, 67 handkerchiefs, 16 dressing gowns, 4 pillows, 95 pillow cases, 6 quilts, 7 prs. slippers, 66 pairs stockings, 1 bed sack, 13 arm slings.”

“Maine Officers Killed – There is no confirmation of the report that Col. Rust has been killed. The Boston Advertiser’s special dispatch announces the death of ‘Col. West of the 9th Maryland,’ which is probably correct. Col. J. D. Rust’s regiment is the 8th, and is a part of Butler’s force. The 4th suffered greatly. Major Gray, Capt. Amos Wooster, Capt. Libbey and Lieutenant Conant, are all reported killed.”

May 18, 1899

“The Belfast Light & Power Co. is making some additions, repairs, and improvements to the wiring system. Old poles are being replaced by new, new mast arms put on, the street light hoods painted and general repairs made. The residence of O. G. Critchett had been wired for electric lighting. Skowhegan recently adopted the same kind of street lights that Belfast uses.”

“Thomas H. Marshall Post of this city will observe Memorial Day in the usual manner, there being but little change from the program of last year. The services on Memorial Sunday will be at the Baptist Church, with a sermon by Rev. R.T. Capen. The Memorial Day Address will be by the Rev. Ashley A. Smith of the Universalist Church, and the music by the Belfast Band.”

May 20, 1954

“Belfast dog owners are again reminded and urged to pay their dog taxes. Those people who have not paid their dog tax are 43 days behind schedule and if they are not paid by the first of next month the constables will be around to collect same. To avoid this embarrassing situation, Mrs. Dorothy Winters, city clerk, requests that dog taxes be paid at her office in the city building.”

“Claude F. Clement, Belfast, Waldo County Chairman of the U.S. Savings Bonds Committee was presented with The President’s Prayer Award for outstanding volunteer service to the United States Savings Bonds Program, Wednesday. This is the ‘little prayer of my own’ offered by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on January 20, 1953, before beginning his Inaugural Address, and the illuminated engraving of the Prayer is framed with wood from the Inaugural Platform.”

“From Here to Eternity” with Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed was playing at the Belfast Drive-In Theatre.

May 21, 1992

“Children’s Services Merger – The 24 incorporators of the Belfast-based Children’s Aid Society of Maine agreed at their annual meeting April 29 in Belfast to merge the society with Sweetser Children’s Services of Saco. Incorporated in 1893, the society was the first private child welfare agency in Maine to serve children in a statewide capacity. Sweetser provides education, treatment and care for special-needs children and their families.”

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