Belfast woman in 'fair' condition after falling 65 feet from Maiden Cliff

By Jenna Lookner | Oct 03, 2012
Photo by: Jenna Lookner Rescue personnel were awaiting a condition report on a woman who reportedly fell 60-feet from Maiden Cliff.

Camden — A Belfast woman was listed in "fair" condition at Maine Medical Center in Portland at 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4, after falling from Maiden Cliff while climbing on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Previously published reports identified Maria Millard, 28, as the injured climber. She was assisted by Camden First Aid Association and Camden firefighters after she reportedly fell about 65 feet while climbing on Maiden Cliff in Camden with friends. The rescue call came in shortly after 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Millard was initially transported to Penobscot Bay Regional Medical Center and was taken to MMC on the evening of Oct. 2, according to staff at MMC.

Responding to the initial call, rescue personnel were stationed at the base of Maiden Cliff, across from the intersection of Beaucaire Avenue and Turnpike Drive by Barrett's Cove, just inside the Camden city limits, where friends of the injured climber were waiting to lead emergency workers to Millard when they arrived.

Camden First Aid Technical Rescue climbers were on scene, and William Bentley initially hiked in to Millard's location to assess her condition, said Camden First Aid Public Information Officer Julie Allen. Following Bentley's report, Camden First Aid crew members and Camden firefighters hiked to Millard — about 15-minutes from the road — with first aid equipment, including a litter which they used to transport Millard down, Allen said.

Allen said Millard landed in a wooded area and did not initially appear to have struck any obstacles — such as trees — as she fell. Allen said she had been climbing with a group of approximately five friends, and appeared to be using all the proper equipment. It was not immediately apparent why the accident occurred, Allen said.

Allen said Millard was conscious and alert when rescue crews reached her and initial indications lead rescue personnel to believe that she had likely suffered a shoulder injury. She was transported to Pen Bay Medical Center immediately following the rescue, according to Allen.

Allen said the Camden First Aid Technical Rescue team was "awesome" in their assistance with the rescue effort.

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Posted by: Richard J Norman | Oct 05, 2012 09:30

Congratulations to CFAA & the Technical rescue team for the hard work, skilled response and success on this difficult call. Most people don't know about all the training, skills and hard work of transporting a patient in such an accident.

Posted by: Ronald E Dyer |

Perfectly good trails and road and people think they have to climb up the side of it.

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