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By Laura Macleod | Mar 10, 2014

Town Offices
Located at the intersection of Back Belmont and Lincolnville Roads. Tel. 342-5722. Fax 342-2252

Office Hours
Monday 9 am to 4pm
Tuesday 9 am to  4pm and 6 to 9pm
Wednesday 9 am to 4pm
Thursday 9 am to 4pm

Animal Control
Kari Drake Tel. 322-5967

Hear ye, Hear ye: Its town meeting time again! This years meeting will be held on Monday, March 17th, at 7:30 pm. That’s St. Patrick's day, so come out all you lucky little Leprechauns living in Belmont; come to celebrate and cheer up the meeting with a little wearin’ of the green. If you care about your town and the matters that be, come and show your support. If you have anything you feel might be important to bring up, now is the time to share it with others and put it to the attention of the lovely ladies who are our great select women. They do such a wonderful job of running Belmont, and we owe them our appreciation by coming to show our support. Please come one and all and your presence and enthusiasm with be a great boost of spirit for our little town.

There will be a meeting on March 24th, at 6:30 pm to make plans for Belmont’s 3rd annual Block party, to be held sometime in late August of 2014. Remember what a great party it was last year with all the great entertainment, refreshments and fireworks? Your support is really needed so an even better block party can take place this year. Nearly a hundred people attended the party where a great time was had by all. Lets see if we can at least double or even triple that attendance for this year. Its also never too early to make donations for the next party. It was, after all, all those donations so generously given by residents and the Towns business that allowed us to have such a beautiful and long fireworks show. Volunteers are also needed for setting up tents and games, and people to man the refreshments tables. Come and volunteer to take part take in a special little old fashioned Maine Town party, because you will be glad you did.

Sorry I’ve not submitted a column in quite a while, but the reason is simple: I went into hibernation for the winter. Now I’m back, and even though still a little sleepy, I can hardly wait for spring and summer to finally get here. My impatience is unbearable, but I know the wonderful spring and summer to come will be wonderful. Come on mosquitoes, black flies, ticks, humidity and all. Hurry up warm weather! We are eagerly awaiting your arrival with open arms.

After this winter, and what a winter it has been, I have a feeling none of us will care too much about all the bugs and humidity that accompany the spring and summer. I’ve been a life long resident of the good old State of Maine, but I can’t remember a winter that's been quite as brutal on all of us humans (and wildlife) as this one has been. Oh, I remember plenty of hard winters all right, but none where it snowed as much, combined with such lengthy and persisting cold, wind and Ice, as this one has been, or where it’s lasted for so long. I’ve heard many stories of how hard it was to survive this winter, and what most of us did to creatively try to keep warm. I know of one Belmont senior citizen who works part-time to supplement her social security so she can help her daughter and grandchildren out, only to come home to a mobile home where the only place with heat was her bedroom. And she kept only that room warm by running two electric heaters. That was her only heat. She has no adequate heating system hooked up, because of it being in disrepair, and she had no working well either. That was because she made TOO MUCH money to qualify for those special assistance programs. Why is it that all lot of people in these United States have to try to survive through the cold winters in situations like this? These conditions just shouldn't be allowed to exist today ...not in this country!   

Belmont has been honored with the presence of a number of SNOWY OWLS gracing its fields and marsh areas this winter.  I was coming home from Belfast a while back before the snow had covered the ground, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was via the Back Belmont Road, just about a quarter mile before you come to a stop at the old school house and sand pile. Because I had been privileged enough to have seen two Snowy Owls before during my somewhat semi longer lifetime, and because I had seen and read about them in bird books, I immediately knew what it was. I first saw it across from Haymakers in the field in front of Carmine Pecorellis house. I watched it glide, hover, and veer back and forth along the edge of the woods then out into the field as it traveled behind Chris Morse's house, then continuing on all the way along the edge of the fields just before coming to a stop at the sand pile. I was hoping to see it again in Mrs. Redmans fields when I rounded the corner, but alas, that is where I lost sight of it. What a treat to be able to watch a SNOWY OWL for what seemed to be like a good ten minutes as it hunted for its dinner.  And then Belmont’s own Dr. Jeffery Neusom was out walking around on his property on the Bicknell Road during February vacation with his wife Laura, and their two children, when they came upon a Snowy Owl sitting in their driveway. They watched it for quite a while enabling the good doctor to get a few pictures. That is until his son decided to run up to it to try to pick it up. That's when the owl decided he wanted no part of this young human being’s antics at which point the owl took flight to a more private spot further off in the distance. To me, that is the kind of special entertainment in life that is so truly meaningful and naturally exciting. You can’t get that by sitting in front of an X-Box, computer, TV, or by texting on a cell phone. In fact, no amount of money can buy that kind of entertainment. So as you go exploring around Belmont and the rest of Waldo County, keep your eyes open for this beautiful and majestic creature, as you just might be privileged enough to catch a glimpse of one. But you better hurry because the Snowies start leaving to head home to their breeding grounds in the Arctic Tundra sometime in April.

Yes it’s me again, Tid-bit Tiddledywinks, the little Poultry Professor of Wisdom and Kindness. I’M just popping in again to say Hello, and to give you humans a little more advice on how to commit random acts of kindness towards one another.  When you go out to the grocery store or anywhere else, and you come upon people you may or may not even know, try smiling at them while giving them a little nod of acknowledgment. You never know how someone else may be feeling. They may be sad or feeling very alone, or just stressed out from all of life’s hectic complications. Sometimes a cheerful greeting or a sweet little smile cast their way is all someone may need to change their whole day, or even, perhaps their whole outlook on life. Try it, it might even make you feel pretty good too!    

It’s time once again to say, fare thee well, cause that’s enough of my lecturing to you humans for now. However,  please keep in mind that great message from Ellen Degeneress when she tells everyone to  “Remember to be Be kind to one another”.  Until next time, be good and take care of yourselves. It’s “Tiddles” crowing “Cock a Doodle Do and Too da Loo!”

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