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By Laura Macleod | Apr 28, 2014

Located at intersection of Back Belmont and Lincolnville Roads. Tel. 342-5722, Fax 342-2253. The Town Clerk is Anita Wellman, And the Tax Collector is Kristen Waterman. They are always cheerfully waiting to help you register your car, pay your taxes, or provide any other information you will need to know.

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Tuesdays offer extra hours from 6pm to 9pm. Special appointments can be made to meet with select persons during these extra hours.

Belmont’s Animal Control Officer is Kari Drake. She can be reached at 322-5967

Bob Temple is Belmont’s Code Enforcement Officer and Plumbing Inspector. He is State-of-Maine certified and licensed in both areas. He is very accommodating and pleasant to deal with. His office is conveniently located at the Town Offices, and is available to meet with anyone needing information and permits on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm, or you may reach him by phone at 993-2512 (home) or 632-4741 (cell).

Community Center Rental
Looking for a place to hold a party; birthday, anniversary, fundraiser or whatever you might need a large space for? The Belmont Community Center rooms are available for just such events. The usage fees are very reasonable for clean, airy and spacious rooms, a well equipped kitchen, and squeaky clean restrooms. Please call the Town Office for more information at 342-5722.

Bottle Drive
Belmont is having a bottle drive from now till the end of August to help fund the Towns new Veterans Memorial.  Think about donating all your returnable bottles and cans to  raise money to show respect for our veterans. There is a container for them outside Belmont’s Town Office, or you can give me a call at 342-2882, and I will  come pick them up.  

Mother’s Day Dinner
There will be a special Mother’s Day dinner on Saturday May 10th, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm, followed by a silent auction to raise money for this years annual Block Party. This dinner will be held at the Belmont Town Office Community Center.

The Hummingbirds are Coming!
Its time to get out the hummingbird feeders that you put away for the winter. Clean them up, prepare some fresh new sugar syrup to fill them up with, and hang them out in anticipation for the Hummers arrival.

The Hummers will be starting to arrive right around the 8th of May, but some have been known to arrive as early as the last week in April. For these early arrivals, you might start putting your feeders out a little early.

It takes a lot of energy for these tiny birds to make their long flight back here from the faraway places they go for the winter. Because there are not yet many flowers in bloom to provide them with the nectar they need to survive, the feeders you put out early may make all the difference  whether or not they survive or perish. Much has been written about people seeing a Hummingbird hovering outside their window in the spring where the feeder used to hang last summer. It’s as if they are out there asking you, “where is our food”. It seems the same hummers come back to the same yard and feeder where they fed and lived the year before.

These tiny birds provide us humans with so much beauty, joy and entertainment, so it seems only right that the very least we can do for them in return is to have their food out and ready for them, just in case they do arrive here just a little early.

For those of you who don’t already know, you can make your own Hummingbird food. All you have to do is mix one cup of sugar to four cups of water. No food coloring is needed. Some people believe that if you give the hummers a more concentrated mixture of syrup for when they first get here, it will help them regain their energy faster. One thing most experts do stress is: DO NOT USE HONEY WHEN MAKING HUMMINGBIRD FOOD BECAUSE HONEY IS POISON. IF THEY EAT HONEY, THEY WILL DIE!!! I have heard that some people boil the syrup before using and storing it. No matter if you boil it or not, it should be kept refrigerated.
Have a wonderful time watching your hummingbirds this summer!

One late evening, while coming home from Belfast this past week, just as I drove past Gene Newton's garage, what should I see crossing the road, but a big old Moose. Was it ‘Norman’ ...  Belmont's favorite resident Moose? I hope it was, but I couldn’t tell because I only caught a quick glimpse of it as it trotted across the road and quickly disappeared into the woods. Still, what a treat it was to see it.

Yes, it’s me again, Tidbit Tiddledywinks, the tiny Poultry Professor of Wisdom and Kindness, just reporting in to see how all you humans are treating one another these days. I hope you are doing nice things to help keep each other feeling better about life. Just in case you can’t think of anything on your own, here are a few suggestions to help make that task a little easier:  When at the store buying a lottery ticket for yourself, buy one to give to the clerk selling you yours. I’m sure if he or she should win, they will share it with you.

When going through the drive-through at McDonalds, Dairy Queen, or Wasses hot dog stand, buy the person waiting in line behind you a coffee, hot dog or Ice cream cone. That will make that person see that someone else cares about them, and that there can be some really nice and caring people out there, even if they don’t know who they are.     

Take the girls at your favorite Credit Union, or the attendant you know at EBS, or the check out clerk at Hannaford’s, or the people working at your Town office a dozen eggs, or whatever else you can think of. Just in case you don’t have any chickens laying any eggs. You could even just hold the door for someone coming behind you at the Belfast Co-op, or at Reny’s, or whereever else you go. Better still, when you’re out to eat, and you have been talking to someone at the table eating across from you, pay for their lunch when you are paying for your own. All those people will remember you did these nice things for them, and the result may be that they will do the same thing for someone else they don’t even know, causing the world around them to be a much nicer place for everyone in it. That, my dear Humans, is called committing random acts of kindness towards one another. That is something you humans don’t do nearly often enough.

Enough advice given for now ... but remember those famous last words from Ellen D. “Please be kind to one another”. So long for now.  Sincerely yours, 'Tiddles.'

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