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By Laura Macleod | May 11, 2014

Located at the intersection of Back Belmont and Lincolnville Roads. Tel. 342-5722, Fax 342-2252                                               

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Tuesdays include extra hours from 6pm to 9pm. Special appointments can be made to meet with selectpersons during these extra hours.

Saturday, May 24th, from 9am to 1pm is BELMONT’S SPRING CLEAN UP DAY and it is located at the Town Office parking lot. This is for trash you would not normally put out to curbside. instead, it is for asphalt shingles and other related construction materials. Batteries and metal goods must be taken to Gene Newton's salvage yard on the Lincolnville Road. Whatever construction material you are dumping can only be accepted if you present the two tickets enclosed in Belmont’s Spring Newsletter.

Belmont’s Animal Control Officer is Kari Drake who can be reached at Tel. 322-5967

Bob Temple is Belmont’s Code Enforcement Officer and Plumbing Inspector.  His office is conveniently located at the Town Office and he is available to meet with anyone needing information on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm, or you can reach him by phone at 993-2512 (home) or 632-4741 (cell).
For those of you needing to burn brush, you can only do so after obtaining a burn permit.  Before burning, always check with our fire chief, Ron Harford,  to find out if the weather conditions are safe enough to start a fire in your community.

To obtain burn permits, Belmont's fire Chief is Ron Harford, ll. He can be reached at 322-7362. Remember that Burn Barrels are not permitted in Belmont.                         

Looking for a place to hold a party; birthday, anniversary, fundraiser or whatever you might need a large space for?
The Belmont Community Center rooms are available to rent for just such events. Town residents as well as those from other Towns, can rent these rooms for a very reasonable fee, which includes the use of light airy rooms, a well equipped  kitchen, and clean restrooms. For more information please call the Town Office at 342-5722.

A bottle drive will be ongoing from now through the summer to raise funds for The Belmont Block Party and the Belmont Veterans Memorial. If you can, please donate your bottles and cans by bringing them to the container provided outside the Town Office, or call me at 342-2882 to make arrangements to pick them up for you.  

Yes, the Hummers are back with the first sightings being reported as of May 6th. Lets all celebrate their return by putting our feeders back out to help them quickly regain all the energy they used up traveling to get back here. They will pay us back all summer long by entertaining us with their high energy antics and beautifuli iridescent beauty.   
Remember, to feed them, you only need to mix one cup full of sugar to three or four cups of water. Do not use honey because it will kill them.

Its chick ordering time, but unfortunately I must infom everyone looking forward to getting their baby chickens from YKNOT FARM out on Route 3 (Augusta Road) that for this year, anyway, YKNOT FARM will not be offering chicks for sale. It seems their incubator has bitten the dust. Stay tuned to this column to see if they will be offering chicks again next year.   

As this part of Spring in Maine rolls around its time to go Fiddleheading again. By the time this column comes out in The Republican Journal on Wednesday, May 14th, the little fern fronds of the Fiddlehead greens will be poking their heads up and unfurling out of the muddy soil along the riverbanks and brook edges. The exact location of these patches is, of course, a closely guarded secret. To the truly dedicated Fiddleheader, it is a complete and unforgivable sin to ever divulge the special location of where you special patch is.

When heading out to go Fiddleheading, please take all the possible precautions to protect yourselves from ticks. When you return home after picking fiddleheads, make sure you check all of your clothes, and your body, as well as your socks and shoes for those tiny shiny brown creatures. Unfortunately for all of us living in Maine in these times, ticks and the diseases they carry have become a serious threat to us all. So for now, be safe, have fun, and enjoy your Fiddleheads!

Hello and Cock-a Doodle-Do to all you humans out there. Its Tidbit Tiddledywinks just checking in to make sure all you humans out there are behaving yourselves.

The management at the Dickey Mill Chicken Asylum  reported back to me quite a bit of flack from my suggestions in the last column. It seems my suggestions made some of you upset because you thought I wanted you to do nice things for one another that cost money. Well I am, after all, just a little rooster knowing very little about material things and matters that may involve spending money. However, the things I suggested didn't really involve you having to spend THAT much money.  Whatever you choose to do to be kind to another person, that little act alone will make the world a little bit better place to live in. And don’t forget Ellen’s famous last words of “Please be kind to one another”. “Over and out and Tu Da Lu”  Yours Truly, Tiddles, the little Poultry Professor of Wisdom and Kindness.             

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